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Panzerfaust fire and Infantry fire

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#1 William Keyser

William Keyser


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Posted 07 January 2013 - 02:51 AM

Hi all
Well I have a couple of questions about panzerfaust fire. I am assuming I use the direct fire routinge. Start with the TQ of the unit then modify by the OM value, then use the rest of the mods. That seems straight forward, however, there dont seem to be any range limits. Also do I use the mods for range so fireing at 2" adds +10 to the chance to hit.

I get the support fire ability of the infantry squad, ie only limited fire but not sure I agree with it as the fire of the panzerfaust or bazooka would only involve one or two men at the most, can not see it limiting the fire power of the unit by half.

Also one thing that has been bothering me the more I read about the germans the more I feel that the drop in the fire power of the unit due to casualites should not drop the value by as much as it does in the unit values. It seems that value is droped by not quite half, however, since the firepower of the german squad was based on the MG34/42 I just cannot think that the value would drop by that much. Has any one tried to make the drop less so maybe 12/7 to 12/9 at 2" and 11/6 to 11/8 etc. It seems that this would more reflect the ability of the germans.

Than on the other side the HTH for example vrs the US with Garand and BAR would seem to make more sense to be higher than the Germans or at least even.

Also why are is the Brirtish squad with Lees and Bren with a higher firepower than a US with Garand and BAR?

Thanks for a great game. Our club here in Denmark is starting with the rules and so far we all seem to enjoy them. Hopefully you have recived lots of orders from our club here in DK.


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