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      18 Apr

    Anyway to see my order history? I received a notice my order shipped, but was hoping for a tracking number.

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      14 Jun

    45% Off Sale on GQ3 Perfect Bound and a free half-size turn gauge! Visit our online store to get your copy today!!

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      27 Apr

    SCANDINAVIAN CONVOY BATTLE SCENARIO: SPRING 1918--- During the spring of 1918, Great Britain organized a regular convoy run from Norway to England to ensure an abundant supply of iron ore and tungsten for its wartime defense industry. As merchant ships could only make eight knots, a strong screen of escorts accompanied each convoy to protect vulnerable freighters from surface warships and submarines alike. On this mission, the U.S. Navy’s Battleship Division 9, was incorporated into the Roya...

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Sudden Storm

Jul 18 2011 06:49 PM | Kenny Noe in GQ3 Products

Sudden Storm is a fast moving campaign of the 1937 naval war between Japan and the US recreating the full range of surface, air and submarine warfare in both operational and tactical operations. It enables you to explore the challenges admirals on bot...

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Sudden Storm Released!!

Jul 12 2011 01:20 PM | CinC in GQ3 News

We have just released Sudden Storm, a naval and land campaign book in the General Quarters III Decisions at Sea series, about a hot war between the US and Japan in 1937. There is no radar, electric torpedoes, PT Boats, 24" Type 93 "Long Lance...

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Update to Soviet Navy Supplement

May 28 2011 08:56 PM | Bob Benge in Announcements

** FLASH ** Update to the General Quarters 3 Soviet Navy Supplement has been posted The Soviet Navy Supplement Ship Logs have been updated to version 1.01 correcting a couple of errors on all of the Soviet Sub Logs. Download the Complete Soviet Navy...

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General Quarters 3 Amendment 2

May 28 2011 08:39 PM | Bob Benge in Announcements

** FLASH ** Amendment 2 Rules Update is Now Available! Amendment 2 has the latest updates for General Quarters 3 and Fleet Action Imminent rules sets. To download go to: Downloads > Private Access Library > General Quarters 3 > GQ3 W...

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Introduction to Fleet Action Imminent

Dec 12 2007 03:54 PM | ODGW News in GQ3 Articles

Welcome aboard again, shipmates. This time we navigate World War One waters, a fascinating voyage through the early Twentieth Century era ruled by the big gun battleship. It also saw the emergence of aerial and submarine weapons that would come to domi...

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Fleet Action Imminent

Jul 09 2009 02:56 AM | ODGW News in GQ3 Products

The Fleet Action Imminent (General Quarters World War One) loose leaf product integrates with the ODGW support policy. Each copy comes with its own unique registration serial number, which players use to gain access to private access are on the ODGW we...

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The Solomons Campaign

May 01 2009 02:24 AM | ODGW News in GQ3 Products

The Solomons Campaign charts the battle for Guadalcanal and the Solomons in 1942, through an innovative campaign using naval forces. The ground campaign is handled abstractly as a by-product of the naval struggle over the waters off Guadalcanal, which...

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Royal Netherlands Navy Supplement

Jul 17 2007 02:32 AM | ODGW News in GQ3 Products

This downloadable Supplement includes: all the RNN ships, plus several "What-Ifs," including a Dutch purchase and refit of HMS Tiger ABDA Ship Data Sheets, including the oft-requested USS Omaha-class Dutch aircraft and ACC logs Th...

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