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Historical Battlelines: American Civil War Data Book

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Welcome to the first major data book for the Historical Battlelines TM Core Rules System... the American Civil War Data Book. The ACW Data Book covers the Union and Confedrate Armies and includes Union and Confederate Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery units.

The heart of this book is the extensive list of Federal, Confederate, State, and Irregular Regiments, Cannons and Rifles used during the war. In all, there are over 2,500 Union and 1,900 Regiments, 2,500 Union and 780 Confederate General Listings, 40 Union and 20 Confederate Rifles, 180 Union and 230 Confederate Cannons and 230 Union and 80 Confederate Ship classes listed in this book. Each regiment has its listed stats from the start of the war.

Also included in the book are Notes and Special Rules that apply specifically to the War. Notes covering Stands in the Army Tables, Flying Artillery and Legion Units and Special Rules covering Legion Units, Weapons Smoke, Grenades, Land Mines, and Observation Balloons.

Finally, the original American BattleLines Army Tables are included for those who still like to generate their own units and the extensive Bibliography that was used to prepare this work. These pages are included in two appendices in the back of the book.

Overall, ODGW has tried to include everything that the player needs to generate any battle fought during the American Civil War and hopes that you enjoy the book!

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ISBN: 9-781940-020075