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Using hexes to speed up GQ3games

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#1 Steven Gilchrist

Steven Gilchrist


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Posted 03 July 2008 - 04:04 AM

Hello everyone!I have been playing GQ3 for a couple of months and am having a blast; most games being WW1 naval battles. (I have been playing GQ1 since c1982 and still have the original book.)I have come up with an idea that makes the games go much quicker, but only costs a little realism: I have devised a way to use hexes while playing GQ3. For movement, divide the ship's speed in knots by five, and round to nearest whole number. This yields the number of movement points the ship has for that turn. The ship can move forward that many hexes. If a turn is desired, then the ship must move forward one hex, then can turn in the hex costing one movement point, then must move forward b4 turning again. My friends are content with only having six directions to go, but if desired, sideslipping can be added to allow movement toward the hex corners also allowing 12 different directions of movement. Range is calculated using 1 Hex = 1,000 yards when firing guns or launching torpedoes, etc.For example, USS Oklahoma is firing on a German BC. The USA BB has a speed of 21 knots and this yeilds 4 move ment points. The ship could move strait 4 hexes, or could move 1hex, turn to port, move one hex, turn to port and then must stop. The major advantage of this is that it makes movement go faster, makes finding the range go faster, and also allows easy checking of arcs of fire.We also added one additional "house rule": If a ship has its "T crossed" that is, the firing ship is in the hex row directly in front or in back, the firing ship shifts one row down on the gunnery CRT(!)The using of hexes has made the game go much quicker reducing game time by about one third. For those with Adult A-D-D (like me this is great.What does everyone else think? Have I committed a GQ3 heresy? (Summon the gaming inquisition)
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#2 Lonnie Gill

Lonnie Gill


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Posted 11 July 2008 - 10:36 AM

No heresy here. In fact, I used a very similar 5kt/hex approach during some of th early play testing for the Third Edition. It works quite well for the large WWI style battles, but I deep sixed it for two reasons.First, some gamers don't have access to hex mats at a reasonable price.Second, many miniatures gamers have a very deep set prejudice against hexes in any form. Free form maneuver also gave more tactical flexibility.Different opinions; that's what makes horse races. Those who can tolerate hexes will find the convenience helpful.LONNIE
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#3 simanton



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Posted 07 April 2013 - 12:52 PM

It worked pretty well in GQ's grand daddy "North Cape."

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