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Single Basing report

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Posted 06 February 2009 - 04:35 PM

The group I play with likes the look of single based figures rather than stands. We do use movement trays however for the regiments. What we have been doing, and like the way the game mechanics work with it, is to use the number of stands as a count and then double it for figures, so a Full strength ACW regiment would be 20 figures, includingthe officer figure. (We do use a range of regiment sizes just to make things a little more interesting, from 12-24 figures). For calculating fire, we count the number of actual figures, like normal. However, for casualties it takes two hits to remove a figure. A single hit is marked and will carry over, and still causes morale tests, but does not affect firepower (a half figure still shoots normally). For every 2 figures lost, it has the same effect as a stand loss (so 4 hits equals a stand modifier). We do the same thing for artillery. Don't double the gun count on the chart, and it does take 2 hits to remove a piece. (Initially we doubled the gun count per fielded piece, but it seemed excessive in its effects, so we went with this instead). We have been very pleased with how the rules work this out, and it eliminates the need for casualty caps, which you don't sell anymore.

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