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American Infantry fire power in North Africa

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#1 Andrew Burton

Andrew Burton


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Posted 22 January 2011 - 05:47 PM

I have been playing the Americans for a long time, and just downloaded the World War II data book, had an old hard copy. Was use to the Americans having one bazooka per company. Now if reading it right I get three with my three rifle and lmg units now. To me seems alot of firepower for and infantry company. So if I am reading it correctly I now get per platoon 3 rifle stands, 3 lmg stands, and 3 bazooka stands. If corret from my point of view is wow man look out germans, that is alot of firepower!Thanks Andrew

#2 Mark 1

Mark 1


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Posted 27 January 2011 - 12:28 PM

Hmmm. Your US Army platoon is structured rather differently from mine.For me, a US Army Infantry platoon's basic structure would be 3 squads + 1 command support section (platoon CO). The squads would each be M1 Garand + BAR.At the company level there would be three MMG (M1919) support sections, as well as 60mm mortar sections, and an HQ rifle squad, plus 3 command support sections (support platoon CO, company CO, and company XO). Three bazookas held at company level might be seperate support stands, or might be integrated into the rifle squads, making three of the squads into M1 Garand + BAR + Bazooka squads. These might be within any of the platoons as I (the company CO) sees fit.Never saw any TOE that put any MGs (other than BARs), nor any bazookas, at the platoon level.That's for US Army Infantry. US Army Armored Infantry, Rangers, or Parachute Infantry, or USMC, would be different.-Mark 1

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