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Favorite scenario/kind of game

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#1 Robert Laplante

Robert Laplante


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Posted 22 December 2005 - 04:40 PM

Hello !I am looking for new idea for scenario. I got a late US WWII army, late WWII Canadians and late WWII Germans.I was thinking of playing a Normandy game where the German have almost reach the beach between the American and British/Canadian zone ( it's loosly based in what really happened with the 12 Panzer conter-attack).The US arrive from one side of the map, the Canadian from the other size and random renforcement arrive to the German in a third side (the fourth side is were to beachs are, a few hundreds meters away).Can the allied crush the Germans before they became to strong ?Anyway, thas a real big games. Maybe a litlle to big.In our last game, Free French forces were rushing to liberate Paris and a German forece was standing in the way. It was quite bloody game.I am looking for other nice idea. I prefer meeting engagement as a find that playing static defense is boring.I like games were you have to hold table quarter and/or objectives.And, you, what scenario have left a lasting impression on you ? Have you play any really cool scenario ? Any idea you can share ?

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