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Just another day in the Med on campaign

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Posted 15 June 2018 - 11:38 PM

As I've said before, we are running a little Med campaign set in the early days of the Anglo-Italian dispute over the Mittle Mere.


GT 5 Contact in CM

RM Patrol vs RN Malta Convoy

0400 hours     Contact, the Brits due to the dawn reduction spot the Italians 3,000 yards before the Italians see the Brits. The Brits turn to 300 degrees and the Italian turn to 70 degrees.


0406 hours     Spotter a/c from both sides report what each is up against. The Italians turn CS 1 & CS 2 as well as DesRon 7 turn to 120 degrees to try and get round behind the convoy and strike its rear.


0412 hours     Warspite opens on Littorio at 18,000 yards and hits her three times, damaging her hull and knocking out a starboard secondary. Malaya and Ramillies hit Vittorio thrice also, knocking out her fore turret and 2 starboard secondaries. The Littorios are unable to reply as they are beyond 16,000 yards.



0418 hours     Warspite hits Littorio twice and knocks out both her fore turrets. Malaya and Ramillies hits Vittorio 6 times, taking out her remaining turrets, damaging her hull and hitting her once in the engines. The Brits are just over 16,000 yards and the Italians still cannot reply. Vittorio fails morale and must retire. Campioni also fails morale and the Italians abort.


0424 hours     Vittorio repairs her engineering hit. The Italians turn away under smoke. The Brits resting on their laurels and not wanting to lose any carrier a/c let them go in peace.

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