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How do you use the Gun Fire CRT?

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#1 Jaedrian



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Posted 15 March 2019 - 06:44 PM

Hello all, 


I just got my copy of the game and I'm confused on how to use the gun fire chart. I understand that you find the range and cross reference to the gun size. That will give you a 1 or 1+ or 2 or 3. Got it, but, there is then a cl or ba or bb or some such used with the equivalency chart. That is where I'm lost. How do I actually use the the two charts together? 


My thought so far is that if my ship says CA (cl), that the cl is nominal against cl targets. so I just then run across from say the matching bb or dd if higher or lower and apply the multiplier? I'm not even sure I'm explaining it right. Any help or examples would be great.

#2 Dave Franklin

Dave Franklin


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Posted 16 March 2019 - 09:04 AM



This is covered in section 1.5.5.


First, on the ship log, the "CA (CL)" means your ship has CA hull armor, and CL armor on the main battery turrets.  The hull armor also nominally identifies what classification your ship is WRT things like Equivalent Damage Rolls (EDRs), Collisions, etc.


Now, on the Gunfire CRT (GCRT), assume a USN ship is shooting 9x 8" guns (3x triple turrets) at that ship from an actual range of 16,000 yards during the daytime:  On the USN GCRT, cross referencing the 16,000 yard actual range - moving up to the 18,000 yard row - and 8" guns gives you "1+ CL".  You need to note that "CL", as that is the actual penetration - i.e. regardless of any row shifts to hit.  Let's say the culmination of row shifts results in going down one row; you're now on the 15,000 yard row, which reads "1+ CA".  The ship is still hitting on "1+" - i.e. a 1 or a 10 on each D12 (and you'll be rolling 4 D12s for 9x guns, 1 per 2 rounding down for triple turrets).  Say you roll the 4 dice and get 2 hits.


You now look down on the EDR table, and cross reference the CA target classification with 8" guns, and see it reads "x1 1/2".  Multiply the 2 hits x 1 1/2 means the target has taken 3 EDRs - i.e. the target player will roll 3 times on his Gunfire Damage Table.  If you only had done 1 hit, 1 x 1 1/2 is 1 1/2.  For 1/2 results, roll another die, ODD = a hit.


When the target player does his damage rolls, he needs to be cognizant that since those 8" hits only penetrate "CL", if he rolls main battery damage, the shots penetrate and do full damage.  If the hit is on the hull, they do half damage, and if the hit is on something else inside the thick black lines for the hull (e.g. Engineering), it does not penetrate and is no effect.


Night is a little more complicated, but the concept is the same.  You need to use the actual range on the daytime range scale to note the penetration, but use the night range scale, with row shifts, to determine the to hit numbers.



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#3 Jaedrian



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Posted 16 March 2019 - 04:16 PM

Thank you so much, that is the kind of explanation I needed for this! I read the book but the verbiage just wasn't sinking in. The example that you gave really breaks it down to my understanding. I'm sure what you typed is in the book, it's just that the way you wrote really helped.


If anyone else wants to add, please feel free. The more examples, the better!

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