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Questions about Detection, Acquisition, and Fratricide

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Posted 22 July 2021 - 12:42 PM

Rule 1.12.3 reads "In the Detection Phase ... division commanders can attempt to detect/acquire one non-visible formation in each 60 degree arc of the horizon. Detection is voluntary, but must be attempted on the nearest undetected formation. Exception: nearby friendly formations that are not visible can be ignored [per rule 1.12.7]."


Rule 1.11.2 also reads "Each division commander can search 360 degrees by making an Acquisition Die Roll".


Question 1: How is "each 60 degree arc of the horizon" to be understood? That each formation you're attempting to detect should be 60 degrees apart? Or that the horizon is divided into 60 degree slices (000-060, 060-120, etc.) with a limit of one target per slice?


Rule 1.12.3 reads "Detection is voluntary ... The division commander ... announces the search method being used (visual or radar)."


Question 2: The rule states detection attempts are voluntary. If you opt to attempt detection does that mean you also opt to attempt acquisition against the same target since the same die roll is used for both (Rule 1.11.2)? Or can you attempt to use your radar for detection and specifically forego visual acquisition? If you do not have radar is attempting visual acquisition also voluntary, or only detection?


I ask this because if acquisition rolls are voluntary this opens up another question about rule 1.12.7, which reads that when a friendly division breaks formation "commanders must attempt to detect/acquire all non-identified formations - friendly as well as hostile."


Question 3: Is this simply a restatement of the exception in rule 1.12.3? Or does this imply that if acquisition attempts were voluntary before it has now become mandatory when friendly fire could be possible?


Rule 1.12.3 reads "The ADR is also used on the row of the DARK ACQUISITION table to determine the range at which the target formation is visually acquired."


Question 4: Do you roll the ADR once each turn for each formation making detection attempts, or does the first value you roll carry forward throughout the scenario?

#2 W. Clark

W. Clark


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Posted 04 August 2021 - 05:29 PM

These are all excellent questions and I look forward to Capt M or someone like him answering them with a definitive answer.


As far as Fratricide goes I believe the design intent is as follows. You should have set a steaming (sailing) formation with all it's divisions in place and maintaining their relative bearing to one another. The moment you differ from that (probably for a very valid reason) then the possibility of fratricide arises. Especially if at some point in the interim the enemy has engaged the division(s) out of formation and set any of their ships on fire. That ship(s) is now illuminated and not where it is supposed to be. The tendency was to shoot it first and ask questions later.

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