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Radar Guided Night Torpedo Attacks

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Posted 27 August 2021 - 04:01 PM

I looked for some else having questions about this on the forum and didn't find any so here goes.


I'm trying to put together a scenario for the Japanese Indian Ocean Raid in early April 1942 and obviously the Brits stand no chance in a daylight fight. My thought though is that if they can survive long enough to launch that a night strike just might give them a chance.


To that end I was very gratified to find Rule 4.5.6 Nocturnal Torpedo Attacks. I would like to state my understanding of how the mechanics of the rule work and then have anyone correct my mistakes so that when I do it for real I get it right.


First, who can make these attacks in April 42. Only FAA squadrons equipped with Swordfish or Albacores. The rule does not state that all involved a/c must have radar installed. My assumption is that the radar equipped a/c would lead the non-radar equipped a/c to the target mass. And both the radar equipped and non-radar equipped a/c would then use flares to illuminate the target mass and acquire a point of aim for release.


Engagement Sequence

1. The target mass (enemy fleet) get 1 D12 for AA fire on the far left row of the AA CRT

2. The attacking TB take any losses

3. The attacking TB now roll 1D12 per attacking TB flight on the Dark Scale of TB table Campaign Air Ops chart 9

4. If any hits are score then they are randomly assigned to a ship or ships.


That is how I understand the rule as it applies to a group of ships under way.


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