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Ships logs or Data Sheets

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#1 Donnyb17



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Posted 15 September 2021 - 11:18 PM

I have the GQ ships data sheet creator program. The GQ 3.3 are very different data sheets or ship logs that the GQ makes. So are they compatible with the GQ 3.3 game.

I do not see main or secondary fire power numbers on the GQ 3.3. Are those irrelevant in the GQ.3.3 game?

I like the lay out of the GQ 3.3 ship logs except for secondary guns. There are no indicators for dual turrets. 

With the GQ ship data creator software I can customize my ships by names and reconstruction changes. I have not seen that ability with the GQ 3.3 game.


Also on the ship logs with BB, CA, the hull are bolded. I am assuming his means they have better underwater protection. 


Lastly CV ship logs. 7 FG+10 DB+ 4 TB. Does this mean for USA  7 squadrons Xs 4 flights for 28 aircraft? 10 squadrons Xs 4 flight for 40 diver bombers. Or is it 7 squadrons x 8 flights for 56 aircraft? 


With the GQ data sheet program I can change Air Craft load outs and print them out for various missions. Does GQ 3.3 have that capability.


Another concern is the speed/hull indicators of the old ship data sheet. 28 knts = about 12 in of movement. In GQ 3.3 is it 28 inches of movement in a turn?


I have been reading through the GQ 3.3. 


I have been playing the simplified rules the GQ RED Book. 

#2 Dave Franklin

Dave Franklin


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Posted 16 September 2021 - 07:57 AM



If the "GQ ships data sheet creator program" you're referring to is what I think it is, it is for GQ1/2, and the GQ3 ship logs are different and not compatible.  Your options for GQ3 ship logs include scanning/photocopying out of the physical book or printing from the pdf, and using ships of the same class for those not listed; buying the deluxe ship logs; or (my choice) using Excel and make your own.


The bolding of one of the armor values has nothing to do with underwater protection.  It is usually used to show it being different than the other, and is usually combined with the corresponding lines being thicker.


On the CV ship logs, the number refer to flights, not squadrons.  So when Enterprise has "9 F + 12 DB + 5 TB", the "12 DB" is the total dive bombers, representing both the VB and VS squadrons.  If you want to change the load out, physically change it or use Excel like I mentioned before.


The speed/hull boxes are another specific difference between GQ1/2 and GQ3.  Besides the number of hull boxes being variable in GQ3, the numbers listed are the speed in knots (vs. inches of movement), which allows players to use the raw data and play different scales.  In the RAW (designed primarily for 1/2400 & 1/3000), it;s 1 cm = 1 knot/100 yds.  Most people who play 1/6000 seem to go with 1 cm = 2 knots/200 yds.  There are charts and movement/turn templates for both.



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