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Bonus Shots ROF and Artillery, Beaten zone and the Area Template

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#1 Smokey_Smith



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Posted 02 June 2024 - 10:09 AM

Just a few questions here to get some clarity on some things.


1. Bonus Shots ROF and Artillery. In the rules it states that Bonus Shots due to Troop Quality (veteran and elite) are treated as extra shots with a reduced modifier. My question is, how does this apply to artillery? I have a Newblewerfer with an ROF of 4, manned by elite Fallschirmjaeger, so does that mean the Newblewefer has an ROF of 6 (though the rules state it can't exceed 5) and applies the bonus shot reduced modifier for the 2 extra rockets, or does the Newblewefer fire 3 salvos of 4 rockets, with the 2 other salvos being reduced modifier.


Further, my Fallschirmjaeger are firing a 50mm mortar in the direct fire roll, is the bonus shot modifier applied to both the shot to hit AND the kill table, or one or the other?


2. For beaten zones, it's a bit unclear between a regular beaten zone and an irregular beaten zone. Both methods involve connecting the numbers that hit on the arty template, so I'm a bit confused as to the nuance between the two rules.


3. And finally, the area template. From what I can see in the rules, the only time it comes into play is with a weapon with a ROF above 2, but the rules also state no weapon can have a ROF above 5, so why does it have rings going up to 16+? And does a unit count as hit even if it is partially under the template, and how many hits does it have to resolve against it?


*Before anyone says anything, yes I'm aware the area template is the spotting template, and I understand how the spotting template works.


#2 Kenny Noe

Kenny Noe

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Posted 03 June 2024 - 12:23 PM

Hi!  Thanks for the questions.  I've ping Bob B. (Mein Panzer Supreme Commander to chime in...)


However, I'll take a swing at a couple items.


Bonus Shots OF and Artillery - This is a fair question.  My 0.02ยข would be no on rocket artillery (takes too long to reload rockets)  The rest can be debated.


Bonus shot modifier - I've searched the rules for this and don't see what you are referencing.  Please clarify.   As a rule of thumb modifiers apply to either To Hit rolls or Kill Table rolls not both.


Beaten Zones

"regular" - While not implicitly called this in "The Beaten Zone" section (p. 10.2 Artillery Drop-In Chapter) for ease of game play a beaten zone is considered to be all numbered squares on the template.

"irregular" - An irregular beaten zone is one where the player firing the artillery places markers where their die rolls land and then simply connect the dots.  This forms an odd shape zone.


Any units in the "beaten zone" is automatically pinned and should they choose to move out of the zone there is a 50% chance (d20 roll 1-10) of getting hit.  {Rocket Artillery it's a 60% chance (d20 roll 1-12) }


Area Template

After re-reading the rules (p16.5) we might need to discuss.  <grin>



All this subject to change per the boss.  (I've been known to be misteaken a time or two.

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#3 Smokey_Smith



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Posted 03 June 2024 - 09:00 PM

Awesome, thanks for the reply. I looked up Troop Quality and Bonus Shots in the Direct Fire chapter, and it's clear now that bonus shots only apply to "To-Hit" rolls, aka, direct fire weapons. So the bonus shot does not apply to the small arms tables, or the Kill Table. And I think it sort of makes sense now. Artillery like the 25 pounder that CAN fire in the direct fier role, get the bonus shot when rolling "To-Hit", but when fired indirectly using FO's, since they hit using templates, they DO NOT get the bonus shot since there is no rolling to hit. So since the Nebelwerfer can not fire directly, it would not get to use the bonus shot rule.


Beaten Zones:

Thanks this makes sense now.


Area Template:
Ya a good example would be the Flak 38 with an ROF of 4, manned by elite troops (bonus shot +2). If as above, bonus shots only apply to "to-hit" rolls, do I have to use the area template? And if I am using the area template, and more than one unit is under it, do I apply 4 hits to all units, one hit to all units, or spread the hits between the units under the template?

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#4 Bob Benge

Bob Benge

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Posted 07 June 2024 - 01:40 PM

Hi Smokey, apologies for taking so long to respond. I've been buisy and getting ready for vaction which starts tomorrow. Yea!!!  :D


As you noted, Bonus shots apply only to Direct fire only and I am glad you have that answer. Thanks to Kenny for the Help! :)


Let's delve a bit into your Area Template question...


If you are using the Flak 38 to direct fire on a target and using the bonus to shift targets, then you would not use the Area template. This is typically how vehicle targets are handled. Note that the Area template is used exclusively for HE attacks to deal with multiple targets in an area. Each target that is under the appropriate ring number under go a Direct Fire HE attack and  are also Pinned. So the bottom line is... How does the layer want to attack the targets? If the targets are armored then direct fire AP using the ROF bonus to shift to another target if a kill on the 1st vehcile is believed to pretty easy or if you simply feel the need to pummel the Hell out of the targe with extra shots to get rid of it.:) If the targets are are soft, numerous in qunatity then the Direct Fire HE using the ROF and the Area Template may be the right choice.


BLUF: the use of ROF and the Area Template is used for Direct Fire HE attacks and using the firing unit's ROF. The player can instead opt toi use direct fire AP to engage a single or multiple targets depending upon player determined tactics. It is a choice for the player. :)


While not directly stated in the rules for other types of attcking weapons that are High ROF weapons and are not Aircraft, where you might find them, this is explained in Chapter 16 - Air Support, Unguided Rockets section, Rocket Pods sub-section, 3rd column, 5th Paragraph. Typically this type of attack is used by Aircraft with Rocket Pods as they have a lot of rockets in a pod (thus a high ROF). By no means, however, is this type of attack limited to Aircraft Rocket Pods.


Hopes this helps! 

~ Bob Benge ~
ODGW Designer
Product Manager - Mein Panzer

#5 Kenny Noe

Kenny Noe

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Posted 07 June 2024 - 05:35 PM

Thank Bob.  You da man!

#6 Smokey_Smith



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Posted 13 June 2024 - 09:37 AM

Thanks so much for the help guys, this clears up a lot!

#7 Peter M. Skaar

Peter M. Skaar


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Posted 13 June 2024 - 11:04 AM

Yes, I agree with Smokey.  Although I have never had this particular thing come up in my games, it is always great to know what the intent was beforehand.  Thanks very much Kenny and Bob!

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