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      25 Dec

    Hi I recently purchased a new copy of general quarters 3 and it says if I register it I will get a free digital copy. I have registered it but how do I find it any help will be much appreciated.

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***Sale*** 50% off Fleet Action Imminent - May 1st thru June 4th

Old Dominion GameWorks is proud to present Fleet Action Imminent to Naval War gamers at FIFTY PERCENT DISCOUNT off retail price.

The $31.95 USD price has been slashed to just $15.98 USD!!! (discount applied in store check-out)
A hundred years ago in late May 1916, the British Grand Fleet and the Imperial German HochSeeFlotte met in the North Sea. The resulting battle was the largest clash between dreadnoughts and attendant cruisers and destroyers in history. The controversy over the outcome and interest in the battle continues even to this day.

Thirty-nine years ago, General Quarters 2 was launched to expand the GQ system’s special blend of accuracy and play-ability to the WW I era. Then, on its Thirtieth Anniversary, GQ 2 went into dry-dock for a major refit. It emerged as Fleet Action Imminent, fully modernized and updated to take advantage of the new GQ III system.

Among its enhancements, Fleet Action Imminent features:
· National gunnery and torpedo CRTs for the British, German, Austro-Hungarian and Italian fleets
· A new torpedo system for faster plotting, evasion and resolution since standardized in GQ 3.3
· Locational hits, specific damage for key systems and critical hits along with better damage control
· A fleet action option for simple, easy handling of the shoals of destroyers in large WW I battles
· More than 500 color Ship Logs with enhanced lay-outs of each ship’s armament and funnels
· Detailed rules for Zeppelin, airship and blimp operations into the 1930s with 16 color Airship Logs
· Upgraded color Ship Turn Indicators and Airship Turn Indicators measured in compass points
· Improved coverage for aeroplanes, smoke, minefields, night actions, signals and shore batteries

In addition, there are supplements and ODGW’s trademark on-line support and Forums. Throughout, Fleet Action Imminent retains the classic play-ability and intuitive feel of General Quarters and is fully compatible with GQ 3.3.

Now, as part of the Jutland Centennial remembrance, ODGW is offering Fleet Action Imminent for 50% off its retail price. That’s right; for less than the cost of a good restaurant meal, you can upgrade your WW I naval engagements to Fleet Action Imminent and enjoy re-enacting this and other naval engagements.

Got to our store front to purchase. Direct links are :



** Sale ends promptly at 11:59PM June 4th **


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