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Help Topic: Why Register?

Member Registration

It costs nothing to become a member of the ODGW Website and there are several benefits to be gained:


  • Posting privileges in the Forum:  You must register to be able to post to the ODGW Support Forum.
  • Game Glossary:  If you play any of our rule systems, we have available to you an online glossary of terms with explainations of the various abbreviations and terms used in the games.
  • House Rules:  There is a special section for each rule system where you can find House Rules written by our members ... or you can contribute a House Rule of your own.
  • Download Library:  The Download Library is available only to members and it contains free rules, terrain tips, battle reports, and more for our rule systems.
  • Private Messaging:  Members have access to a private messaging system where you can a message to other members or the ODGW staff.
  • Event Calendar: Members may post events to the Event Calendar.  Guests may view the calendar, but only members may post.


Product Registration


This is the main reason to become a member.  When you buy one of our publications, you get a unique serial number that can be used to register your product.  Once registered, you gain access to the Private Access Library for that product where you can download bonus material, updates, and even the individual components of that publication.

How to Register your Rules:
If you have purchased a set of rules or supplement from us, you have access to unlimited updates and other bonus material through our Private Download Libraries.  In your product, in the back, you should have received a page with a Serial Number on it. (Exception: Scenario Pack #1 for Mein Panzer does not have a Serial Number). 
Note: Some products may still have an old set of registration directions in them.  Please follow the directions below instead.

To Register your purchase, you must first create an account on the website.  This is free.  To sign up, click the "Register" link at the top of any page. You will see a page containing the registration terms, which you must agree to by checking the box and pressing Continue Registration.

Once you have an activated your user ID, login from the Home page.  Click on "Product Registration" from the Main Menu and it will bring up the registration form.  Just fill it out and within 24 hours (usually) you'll have access to the Download Library for your purchase. 

The "Private Access Library" is accessable through the usual Download Library option on the Main Menu.