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What is the rationale for national differences in turret hits leading to explosions?

Posted by iain.ralph64@gmail.com in iain.ralph64@gmail.com's Blog, 23 March 2023 · 648 views

I am new to GQ3 and first few encounters between opposing ships has led to an extraordinary high number of ships detonating.

I have noticed that the French ships are slated to blow up 33% of the time after a single turret hit (which seems extraordinarily high), most other nations at 25% (including the RN, which seems to fly in the face of their wartime r...


ODGW Fall-In 2014

Posted by Kenny Noe in ODGW Company Blog, 01 November 2014 · 4,215 views
wargaming, miniatures, Fall-In

Saturday 1 Nov 2014
Welcome to ODGW Blog about HMGS Fall-In Convention 2014.

I'm unsure how often I'll update but I'll try and get as much content here as possible. Stay tuned...

Update 7 Nov 2014
I've added a Photo Gallery... follow here: http://www.odgw.com/...7-fall-in-2014/

Update 8 Nov 2014
More pictures have been added...


Some of my handiwork...

Posted by Christopher Cafiero in Christopher Cafiero's Blog, 08 July 2011 · 5,140 views

Some of my ships; in order:

Hood & Prince of Wales, 1941

Indefatigable, New Zealand, Australia & Tiger, 1916

Indiana, 1944

Norfolk, Suffolk, and Dorsetshire, 1941

Scharnhorst (1943) Gneisenau (1942)

Tirpitz, 1944 and the hypothetical Seydlitz (began conversion to carrier and never completed, Baltic 1944)

Feel free to comment, good or ill...

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