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ODGW Attending Cold Wars 2013

Posted by Kenny Noe , 07 March 2013 · 4,030 views

Updated 3/11/2013


Monday 3/11/2013


OK so Saturday was a fast blur.  We had a full slate of games and each were well played.  The Battle of Bi’r Gifgafa was a blast!  The final outcome was a marginal Israeli victory.  The southern flank was smashed and the Israelis armored forces had just to wheel around destroy the artillery battery.  The Egyptian reinforcements on the northern flank were poised to smash down on the newly won Israeli position.


Check out the gallery for pictures,


Friday 3/9/2010


Saturday is here and we're thru the first round of game.  We had a great turn out for the Mein Zombies game.  I think this will be a BIG release when it's published for Historicon in July.


The GQIII game was also full of gamers.  I'll try to get a battle report from the GM Steve for a post later.


The Mein Panzer game, Breakout from Pusan, only had a couple players but they totally rocked the river!  The NK units crossed the bridge and established a footing but the M-26 Pershing Tanks made them pay dearly.  This was a really good game.


Well have to get  my game, Battle of Bi’r Gifgafa, started.  Will have more pics later.





Friday 3/8/2010


We're Here!!!  The first game went well....  See pics in the gallery.


I'll write more later...



Thursday 3/7/2013


Hello again!!  We're packing up and heading out tomorrow to Lancaster and Cold Wars 2013!


Below is a list of game we're hosting.  Drop by and say hello!



F-317 - Death in a Spanish Village
F-318 - Wargaming 101 - A Kids Game
F-319 - The Wobbly Eight
S-322 - Cape Esperance
S-321 - Breakout from Pusan
S-323 - Escape
S-325 - Remember the Alamo?
S-324 - An Old Fashioned Calvary Charge
S-326 - Operation Kadesh - Battle of Bi’r Gifgafa


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