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Historicon 2013

Posted by Kenny Noe , 18 July 2013 · 4,761 views

Historicon 2013 - Fredricksburg VA July 18-21
updated 5:46 pm 7/19
Link to Gallery - (http://www.odgw.com/forums/gallery/album/26-odgw-historicon-2013/)

Arrives at the Convention site early. Bob set up his Mein Panzer game (Party in a Little French Town) and I set up the Mein Panzer Junior game (Wargame 101 A Kids Game). Both games were full and we actually had to turn folks away. Could have ran a second MP game with the extra folks.

Mike showed up and hung out until dinner and then we all returned for a very memorable game of Mein Zombie (Bubba BBQ). We had to find penicillin in one of the three houses on the table and return it to our house. Luck was with our heroes as we found the medicine in the closest house and was able to get it back! However 2 heroes were infected and became "super" zombie with the ability to influence regular zombies and create hoards. It was a very exciting game and we avoided running into Bubba (a non-Hero super zombie that is reported to be very hard to kill!).

Good day / evening!! More to follow. Check out the gallery!!


So Friday arrives and all is well. It's 11 o'clock and we have a full house with the 10am games, Mein Zombie (Escape), GQIII Modified (Climb Mount Niitaka), and Mein Panzer Junior (Wargame 101 A Kids Game). Pictures are posted.

The dealer hall is active. Spoke to some dealers that report sales are ok, but it's "early". Hopefully it will pick up for them. The flea market was very busy fro the morning session. Again there are pics on the Gallery.

The main convention game area is probably half full this morning. But the games that are running look busy.

Afternoon games

Friday afternoon has seen the convention roll in at full speed. Gamers have finally arrived and after the initial euphoria of the dealer hall have steeled into playing a variety of games. The major game halls seem full and everyone is having a good time.

American Battle Lines (Bloody Crossroads)

Game is running full tilt! The final outcome was still a contested crossroads but the Confederate left flank was in major jeopardy due to some gutzy and rash action of the Union Commander. He managed to flank the confederates while they set up artillery and infantry to block as soon as they were visible. The Union commander pressed onward and took his lumps by charging the artillery and infantry. The unit facing the artillery lost most of it men by the time they reach the artillery but somehow (with lucky die rolls) managed to keep their moral up and press forward. The second Union unit was able to cross the road and charge over the fence to melee with the Confederates. While this was happening, the Union player on the last turn was able to sneek Union Calvary around the back of the artillery and was poised to overrun the unit from behind. The Center and opposite flank forces were still contesting the rest of the field. Good game!

Fleet Action Imminent (Second Battle of Heligoland)
This battle teetered back an forth until the last turn. This was disastrous for the British. A BattleCrusier blew up and sank allowing the Germans to escape. There were many players and all reported to haveing a good time.

Mein Zombie (Zombie Town)
This was another typical zombie game. There were several kids playing hero characters. I believe this game had one hero try to hid in an outhouse from the zombie hoard (obviously he didn't know about Rule #3 "Beware of Bathrooms"). And as luck would have it when it came time to "spawn" more zombies.... (at the beginning of the turn there is a zombie spawn die roll, this tells each player how many (base number) zombies are suddenly within 12 inches of the "Hero" [there are modifiers to the base number and to the distance]). .... this Hero had zombies spawn inside the out-house WITH him!! So he had to fight them off. I think this happened multiple times! Jim G. from Wargames Factory dropped by and presented our players with plastic sprues of thier zombie women. Thanks Jim!!

Friday night around the open gaming area was very active. There was an awesome western game (Indians vs US Calvary) with over 100 miniatures. The GM (Pete Panzeri) dressed in Calvary officer uniform and the Indian leader wore an headdress.

More pictures in the gallery.


Morning Games

Mein Panzer (Chosin River) [CANCELLED]

The person running this event had a last minute change in plans and was unable to go to the con. So I set up my game (Battle of Bi'r Gifgafa) early and offered it to his player who showed up. Plus we were able to snag a couple of walk-ups and the game was a go! The Egyptians had a nice lady player (Kim) who on her first turn was able to kill 6.... SIX Israeli tanks!!! (Note to all gamers, if there is a little kid or lady in your game, get on their side! They ALWAYS have hot dice!!) So the Israeli forces were stunned and approached the objective in a timid fashion. This gave the Egyptian reinforcements time to move in and stop the Israelis from capturing the Egyptian strongpoint. But all agreed it was a fun battle. The Egyptians were even able to sneek in a Mig 15 strafing attack.

Mein Zombie (Escape)
Another FULL game with eight players and more folks watching the action!

General Quarters III (Nagumo vs SOPAC)
I didn't get much info from this GM other than all had fun.

Afternoon Games

Fleet Action Imminent (The Wobbly Eight)
I didn't get much info from this GM other than all had fun.

General Quarters III (The Battle of Cape Esperance)
I didn't get much info from this GM other than all had fun.

Mein Panzer (Battle of Bi'r Gifgafa)
This game was fun for all, except one (I think). The a nice gentleman left early, but he had several game questions and wasn't very satisfied with the answers and unfortunately poor die rolling. The rest of the players continued and were much more aggressive that the first game. The center was able to kill all the Egyptians and prepare to face the Egyptian reinforcements that finally arrived. One flank was very weak for the Israelis because they rushed the artillery emplacments and the arty was able to direct fire on the tanks. The other flank was hotly contested but the agressivness ofh te Israeli's was thier undoing. They climbed over a hill into the overwatch fire of the Egyptian reforcements. The Egyptians won the battle but it was a close call!

Last pictures are in the gallery.

Thanks to all who played in out games. See you next year!

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