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Marine Nationale (French Navy) Deluxe Ship Logs Now Available

Posted by Tu Tran , 14 February 2013 · 7,285 views

Marine Nationale (French Navy) Deluxe Ship Logs Now Available ODGW is proud to announce the release of the latest deluxe ship logs for General Quarters III.

The Marine Nationale (French Navy) now join the stable of fleets that have the highly detailed ship logs. Due the unique nature of the French Navy’s WWII experience, the logs are split into three sections:

Marine Nationale – Beginning of WWII to the Fall of France (June 1940). The entire French navy from the beginning of the war to the Armistice of 1940.

Vichy controlled Marine Nationale – June 1940 to November 1942 Those ships that remained loyal to the Vichy French Government.

Free French FNFL (Free French Naval Forces) – July 1940 to the end of the war.
Those ships that joined the Free French from July 1940, plus the former Vichy ships that joined after the Torch landings and the fall of the Vichy government and those ships transferred by the Allies to Free French control.

Additionally, the never builts (like the battleships Clemenceau and Gascogne and aircraft carriers Joffre and Painleve) are included.

The deluxe ship logs are colorized and expanded to include the all classes and every ship plus those that were canceled or incomplete. Now available as digital downloads from the Download store.

We also have deluxe ship logs for other navies that fought in World War II:

Imperial Japanese Navy
United States Navy Pacific Theater 1941-1943
United States Navy Pacific Theater 1944-1945
United States Navy Atlantic and Mediterranean Theater
British Royal Navy
German / Norwegian / Poland
Italian Regia Marina
Asian Minor Navies (free DL to GQIII registered customers)

Visit our online store to check all the ship logs available for General Quarters III.

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