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We are currently experiencing difficulties in procuring the necessary acrylic to produce our Ship Bases. Some sizes are currently out of stock. As soon as our suppliers are able to ship up the materials we will get these back in stock and fulfill all back orders.

Thank you,

ODGW Staff

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Sudden Storm (Loose Leaf)

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Sudden Storm is a naval and land campaign book in the GQIII Decisions at Sea series about a hot war between the US and Japan in 1937. There is no radar, electric torpedoes, PT Boats, 24" Type 93 "Long Lance" [sic] torpedoes, US magnetic torpedo exploder problems, decks filled with AA guns or VT Fuses, long range airplanes, heavy bombs, drop tanks or self-sealing fuel tanks. Battle lines and big guns still rule. This is the war the ships were designed for!! This is the war the crews have trained for!!

*** Loose-Leaf - US 3-Hole Punch Only ***

Product ID: 04-303