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Mein Panzer WW1 Data Book

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Welcome to the first major supplement for the Mein Panzer Core Rule System ... the World War I Data Book. Covering an astounding 21 nationalities, you will find several thousand pieces of equipment, TO&E, troop types, and special rules for the entire conflict.

The meat of this book is the equipment tables, aircraft tables, ordnance tables, naval support equipment, and small arms. Well over 2900 pieces of equipment have been detailed! Virtually every piece of equipment used in World War I can be found in this supplement, from the infamous French 75mm gun to the British Mark IV tank.

In addition to exhaustive equipment resources, the World War I Data Book also includes a large selection of TO&E (Table of Organization & Equipment). Each of the 21 countries have at least one TO&E, while most have several. With this extensive collection, players can build upon real life TO&E for their games.

Each country also includes a Troop Type Table, detailing the five quality levels represented in the game. IN ADDITION, numerous specialty troops are also detailed; each categorized into the five quality levels. The Germans, for example, include everything from the Prussian Guards, Landsturm and Shutzen, to the feared Sturm-Battailone!

Finally, the World War I Data Book contains all the special rules you may need to fight with the equipment, or use the tactics, of World War I. Everything you would require to play in any theater of World War I, with virtually any combatant, can be found here.

Mein Panzer is a flexible and expandable 1:1 rule system for recreated 20th and 21st Century combined arms ground warfare from World War One up through the today. Designed for use with miniature scales from 1/285th up to 15mm, it is based around our innovative Drop-In game system. Players from novice to veteran will find it easy to customize the game to their own gaming style.

A copy of the Mein Panzer Core Rule System is needed to fully utilize the contents of this publication. However, with few adjustments, the data and scenarios can be enjoyed using almost any rule system on the market today.

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ISBN-13: 978-0-9788648-5-9
ISBN-10: 0-9788648-5-9

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