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Post Captain (Loose Leaf)

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There have been a number of fine games written to simulate the great fleet actions that decided the fate of nations. But, these battles can be counted on two hands. For every fleet action, there were a hundred frigate, sloop and small ship of the line engagements that turned “command of the sea” into the daily reality of using and controlling the sea lanes.

It is time for a game that focuses on the single ship duels and small squadron actions that were the main fare of sea officers - a game that provides you an opportunity to highlight seamanship and experience the differences in armament, crews and types of ships along with the details of sea tactics in this era. POST CAPTAIN has been developed to do just that.

It enables you to simulate convoy actions, commerce raiding, cutting out expeditions, gunboat clashes, and shore raids along with a variety of single ship duels and small squadron actions. Boat and cargo handling, challenge and deception, current and tide, floating batteries and shore defenses, kedging, mortar bombardments by bomb vessels, prize crews, stern way, blanketing and wind shadow and the less well known types of sailing rigs and vessels are all covered

Set during naval warfare in the period 1793 - 1815 ( the height of Age of Sail Era - the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812) and is designed for naval miniatures of all scales.

*** Loose-Leaf - US 3-Hole Punch Only ***

Product ID: 06-101