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Submarine data cards and rules - 4

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Charles Markuss


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Posted 06 July 2008 - 03:18 AM

Page 3-2, section 3.1.7 Shallow Water. I probably have more problems accepting this rule than any other. British submarines often attacked targets in water only 20 deep using surface gunnery, and submerged patrols off Holland were routinely made in water only 80-90 deep. In the Pacific, US submarines with long 60 periscopes preferred to stay in water over 180 deep, so it was left to the RN to go into shallower waters to attack enemy shipping sailing or harboured there. With periscopes only about 30 long, British submarines operated safely while submerged in water only 60 deep. Tally-Ho sank the light cruiser Kuma off Penang Island in waters only 75-125 deep, escaping by going closer inshore into water only 80 deep. Trenchant sank Ashigara close to the ten-fathom line in the Banka Strait off Sumatra in water only slightly deeper, while not far away Stygian drew off the escort Kamikaze close to the five fathom line.

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