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proposed changes to charges

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#1 gregoryk


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Posted 21 February 2009 - 09:48 AM

Currently Charge Reaction is based on a TQ check. I propose using a Morale check for the charged unit, as this will encompass its Disordered and Shaken status, as well as any attached leaders. Furthermore, I am toying with the idea of making it possible for units to have more than one Charge Reaction per turn, since they can be charged more than once per turn. The other way around the seeming illogic of multiple charge attempts against a unit is to allow only one charge attempt against a unit per turn, which may make more sense.Comments?Cheers,Gregory

#2 Dewey LaRochelle

Dewey LaRochelle


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Posted 01 March 2009 - 07:32 AM

Would seem to make some sense there. Would there be a progressive modifier for each subsequent charge (if the numbers start to stack up against one unit that is)? It would seem that a unit might be fine with standing up to one or two units charging them, especially if they are smaller than the target unit. Would get a little more discouraging to be repeatedly charged (I can see situations where this might happen).

#3 gregoryk


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Posted 02 March 2009 - 03:17 PM

Due to the nature of the interactive sequence of the game, it is possible for a single unit to be charged multiple times in a single game turn. Though they can be charged multiple times, they can only respond once, which seems a bit unfair to the charged unit. I know this works in Mein Panzer, but I am curious how it works in BattleLines where a unit could be charged by weaker units and forced to respond, then a larger unit can charge later without response. Just curious how it works.Gregory

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