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Damage causing a mission to be aborted.

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#1 Michael Farley

Michael Farley


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Posted 02 July 2010 - 11:44 AM

We have a Japanese Bombardment mission under attack by a Allied Air strike (no Japanese Carries were sortied...), how much damage will cause the Bombardment mission to be aborted? I can see if the losses take it below the minimums for the mission, but say the mission is intercepted, and the strike or strikes, only hit oh say one destroyer... Just looking for guidance on where that line should be drawn.

#2 Michael Farley

Michael Farley


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Posted 02 July 2010 - 07:17 PM

On a followup, we rn the scenario, 80% of the flights from two carriers found n hit the Bombardment group from Truk, the Yamato took 30% hull boxs hit and another battleship took two torp. hitts. The Japanese player wanted to forge on, and sent the two battle ships back, allied player agreed, and so the second carrier sorte, we did the roll and they found them. The weather was clear, but fog was rolled. So for finding the group it was a 1-9 and they found them. Not on the Tact game fog will be in effect and visibility will be greatly limited (1 maybe more D6) which will screw up the AA fire! if they get through that they may still have to face the allied bombardment group (Im sure the Japanese players arnt on the group...I hope). One thing this does, the second carrier group goes after the Bombardment group, sparing the supply mission from attack, and if they face the allied bombardment group then the Japanese supply mission is safe. This all sound correct?

#3 Blue Leader

Blue Leader


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Posted 03 July 2010 - 11:25 AM

The relevant rules section is on page 5:[ol][li] visually detect all of the other side’s ships, AND[/li][li]have three rounds of tactical area interaction, OR[/li][li]receive damage from the opponent (NOTE: an Escorted Supply mission is not aborted unless the Supply ships take damage)[/li][/ol]So the air attack only usually takes about two rounds, less than the three reqired. Damage from air attack that causes damage should abort the mission, but in subsequent games we have said that up to 25% of the mission needs to be damaged before an abort is ordered. Yes, the first contacted group is the one the carriers attack. So if they have found the bombardment group, that is their attack for the turn. Japanese supply missions tended to happen at high speed during the night, while transiting bombardment vessels from Truk would be in daylight during their approach.Hope this helps.

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