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War Plan Red

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#1 Chris Lane

Chris Lane


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Posted 21 September 2011 - 03:49 PM

Did any one else see this on channel 5 last? (UK)

Although land combat was featured it was the naval war that was the most interesting. As a basic summery its claimed that a naval engagement would akin to Jutland.

I wondered if people have toyed with an idea for using this as a campaign.

Would the washington treaty still have taken place etc ect?

#2 Christopher Cafiero

Christopher Cafiero


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Posted 22 September 2011 - 09:59 PM

Avalanche Press published a good game on the Naval aspects of War Plan Red a few years back, and several supplements.

Gaming it can go one of two ways; Washington or No Washington treaty...the fun of no Washington treaty is running out the Constellation's, South Dakota's, G3's and N3's (all never built) and putting them through their paces. The problem with this approach is that without the Washington treaty it becomes difficult to see how the fleets would have ended up, no treaty cruisers, how many of it's WWI era ships would the RN have refitted, how many would have been sold or discarded, what would carriers look like, etc. The RN went along with the treaty because it knew it would need an expensive new fleet it could scarcely afford, and many of its WWI era vessels were now of limited miltary value (all those 12" gun battleships, etc).

Putting Plan Red in a Washington context works better from a fleet prespective, but it becomes difficult to come up with a compelling rationale for the conflict (something the original planners had difficulty with as well, usually just referring to "economic rivialry"...) The better economics were in a negotiated end to their naval building race, which, as it turned out, nobody could afford anyway!

Christopher J. Cafiero

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#3 Chris Lane

Chris Lane


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Posted 23 September 2011 - 06:43 AM

It does raise a lot of different possibilities.

I have planed to create a campaign where the the UK and USA would likely go to war and that the Japs would with England etc (much like engima rising tide).

I have seen a good website where a chap has retrofitted a lot of the WW1 battleships and cruisers to they they could operate in in WW2 and I think that would give it an interesting angle. They also suggest that the Canadian and Australian navies were kitted out with some of the older capital ships, which again, would be interesting.

I may toy with this idea and see what happens!

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