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Playing TSC: First Battle of Iron Bottom Sound

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Posted 13 December 2011 - 10:29 AM

This is the scenario we played last night. I'll put up the batrep when it is ready. This would make a nice one-off scenario for any club familiar with the night fighting rules.

The Solomons Campaign Scenario II: Turn I, August 25th, 1942

ENGAGEMENT DETAILS. “D – Truk Bombardment vs Allied Surface Force.” No Patrol mission so roll d12 for Allied Supply Mission (if Aug-Sept). On 1-4 the Escort (if any) or the Supply Mission is engaged at location B. Roll was ‘3’. IJN will Engage Escort at B.

WEATHER. 6+2 and 2 on dice. Force 3 – Gentle (no game adjustments). Max Visibility = 20,000y (night). Quarter Moon ‘5’. Small Waves, 10kts Wind Speed from East, Smoke lasts 1 Turn, No Fog ‘10’, Are Rain Squalls (one 6k x 3k in center, Cloudbanks ‘9’ (1 layer, ‘8’=800 feet?, 40% Density).


USN. 6xCA, 7xDD. 5 x New Orleans cl (Astoria, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Quincy, San Francisco), 1 x Pensacola cl (Salt Lake City). DesRon 6 – Balch (Porter), Benham, Ellet (Benham), Grayson, Gwin, Monssen (Benson), Maury (Gridley/Craven). 4 x AP (Fomalhaut, Alhena, Bellatrix, Fuller), 4 x APD (Colhoun, Gregory, Little, McKean)

IJN. 2nd Fleet – First Battle Sqd (Nagato, Mutsu), 5th Cruiser Sqd (Haguro, Myoko [Nachi]), 27th DD Div (Ariake [Hatsuharu], Shigure, Shiratsuyu).3rd Fleet – 4th DD Div (Arashi, Nowake [Kagero])

DEPLOYMENT. The IJN are 20,000y West of the Supply and DD in Lunga Harbor, making them approx. 12,000y West and a little North of Lunga Pt This puts them at their bombardment range (which is <17,500y) of Henderson Field). The BB will be facing Northeast presenting their full broadsides to Henderson Field and moving 5-10kn. The IJN BBs must fire at the field for 10 turns to count as successfully bombing the field (60 game minutes). The remaining IJN forces may deploy anywhere within 3,000y of the BBs, with no ships closer than 20,000y to the Allied forces.
The Allied supply ships are 1000y offshore in Lunga Harbor, the DD Patrol (Desron 6) is 2000y North of them, and the Escort (6 CA) are 10,000y North of the DDs.

OPTIONAL RULES. Transit Difficulty. Force Morale (Disabled ships check morale, and every time they take damage. Divisions check at 50%, Force checks each time Division fails)

VICTORY CONDITIONS. Engagement vs. Contact (p.5). If a non-patrol mission is “Engaged” then it is aborted, withdrawing to base. To be “Engaged”, a force must (1) Have all its ships Visually Acquired & interact for three tactical Turns, OR (2) Receive Damage from the opponent. NOTE – an Escorted Supply Mission is only aborted if the supply ships take damage. Ship Damage (p.2 & 7) is Full VPs for Sunk, 50% VPs for Crippled (>50% Hull or MainBatt Damaged OR 2 torpedo hits /3 if BB). No VPs for Disabled ships (>30% or 1 torp/2 if BB), Disabled ships are still available to the fleet.

IJN Victory Conditions. The IJN Force:
1. Receives no damage [before 10-turn bombardment of Henderson Field].
2. Damages an Allied supply vessel, causing them to withdraw.
3. Earns 5 more Victory Points in surface battle with Allied force.
Allied Victory Conditions. The USN Force:
1. Damages a ship in the IJN force, causing it to abort its mission.
2. Successfully completes Supply Mission (no supply ship takes damage)
3. Earns 5 more Victory Points in surface battle with IJN force.

Subtract lower number of achieved Victory Conditions from higher:
Strategic Victory = 3, Major Victory = 2, Minor Victory = 1, Draw = Equal successes

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