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TSC AAR Turn 2

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Posted 07 January 2013 - 01:25 AM

We resolved T2 on Sunday, 6 Jan. This missive is from the Allied POV as I don't have and don't have a right to have detailed information about what the IJN has, is doing or knows.

The wind was a Force 3 from the SE with max visiability of 12,000 yards. The Allies were organized into 3 TF.

TF 1 was a carrier group, 2 CVs supported by 2 BBs, 4 CLAAs and a DD squadron commanded by Rear Admiral Schultz (formally know as Sgt Shultz and promoted to his own personal level of incompentence). TF 1 with a CG mission managed again to see nothing, hear nothing and know nothing. It wasn't able to find the enemy or be found by the enemy.

TF 3 with several cruisers and a DD squadron had a supply mission which it brought off again without loss or contact (that's 3 so far).

TF 2 with 6 CA, 2 CL and a DD squadron had a patrol mission. TF 2 was divided into 2 TG with 4 cruisers and a DD division in each group. Again I had my secret weapon, Commodore Preston leading our effort with TG 2. Preston deployed his (4) DD in a quarter line with his cruiser division (2 CA & 2 CL) in line ahead behind it. I followed with my DD division (5 DD) followed by my cruiser division (4 CA). We were on aheading of 45 degrees at 15 knots just North of Savo Island. The hope was that our radar would function well and with a DR of 1 it did disclosing several contacts at 18,000 yards dead ahead.
The agreed plan was that Preston would go left and I would go right upon contact to get different bearing plots and try to discern the IJN formation prior to engaging. We were in the process of deploying per the plan with IJN optics picked us up.

Preston and I both used our DD laying smoke to cloak our cruiser divisions from the IJN and continued to move left and right for about 3 turns. Our DDs spotted the IJN main force of 2 BC and 2 CA several thousand yards behind their DDs but our smoke prevented any of the heavy units from being able to target the other.

The shooting started between the 5 IJN DDs and my 5 DDs on turn 5. I scored a hit and so did they. .Preston left some gaps in his smoke which allowed his Brooklyn class CLs to blast a pair of the DDs while my 2 trailing CAs also pounded the same DDs supported by my DDs on turn 6. That proved to be our prime effort as we inflicted some 10 to 12 hits upon the 3 visible IJN DDs while only taking 4 hits in return,

The main IJN effort occurred the next turn as about 4 spreads of Long Lance arrived in the midst of Preston's DDs. Preston managed to evade each spread with his DDs as he was turning away with his entire force. The next turn however the IJN got 1 TT hit on Boise with 3 hull and a CT hit slowing her to 21 knots. My CAs turned away as did Preston's cruisers with our DDs covering our withdrawal with smoke. We exchanged fire for three turns causing the IJN bombardment mission to abort and we broke off the engagement to keep our damage down to preserve TF 2 for another day. The IJN also broke off as they were unwilling to try to press past our DDs to pursue our cruisers.

Nothing was sunk on either side and the Boise will probably have to withdraw for repairs as will 2 IJN DDs probably. Not a great exchange, but I was happy at limiting the ship damage points while upping my index on Henderson Field which my recon mission revealed is at 12+.

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