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Japanese Transport at Truk & Sortie limits

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Posted 08 July 2013 - 07:48 PM

About to run the campaign for the first and have a couple of questions:

page 14 Japanese Command Decision
Trnf Transfer one cruiser division and up to two destroyer divisions from Truk to Rabaul. Up to three transports may be with the mission

What transports does this refer to? The Order of Battle has all the APs and APDs at Rabaul. Why would you need to use Transport DDs from Truk to Rabaul?

page 18 Japanese Theater Events
2-3 ..., add one to the number of capital ships that may sortie from Truk.

Does this mean that the capital ship limts in the General Intelligence e.g. "may sortie six carriers and/or battleships" only apply to CV/BB from Truk?
This is important if two Kongo BBS are transfered to Rabaul in November under Japanese Theater Event 7-9


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