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Why can't both CGs even attempt to attack a single CG

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Posted 09 July 2013 - 03:41 PM

In our last fight we had a situation where the Japanese sortied 2 CG with 1 as bait for an Allied CG. The Allies sortied a single CG and went after the Japanese bait CG wasting their strike advantage. However when the Japanese commander would have liked to try and strike the Allied CG he found himself constrained by the rules to attack an Allied surface force instead.

This seemed wrong to us as everything that the 4 or 5 of present had read about WWII carrier warfare said that any unengaged carrier force in that situation would have busted its collective gut to strike an opposing carrier force.

Did we get it wrong?

If we got it right, why do the rules preclude a CG from striking or at least attempting to strike a CG that the rules define as being located only 165 nm from the enemy CG?

It turned out well for the Japanese as his attack on the Allied supply mission aborted both Allied supply missions that turn. But it seemed to all of us that he should had at least the option to try for the Allied CG instead.

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