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Building German army for late war

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Posted 31 December 2015 - 09:25 AM

I will make a one topic so I can put my question here:)

Making an army using TOE is nice from historical point of view bu IMO lacks of diversity of models. Maybe from historical point of view it is absolutely right to face 20 panthers with 20 T-34 but as this is game we would like to use different kind of models. So, how I would like to create an army (something like for example battlegroup from ironfistpublishing) that models on the table are a small part of the division:

1) We take infantry company from TOE. If any support is taken than battalion HQ needs to be taken

2) Then we can take panzer battalions/companies from one type or more

At this point it looks better, we have some infantry and tanks. But what if I would like to take as a support for example pak 43, ferdinand platoon or other type of support not listed in TOE, how it should be positioned in chain of command? Can pak 43 be under control of BnCO or rather CoyCO or neither of them and let them operate independently?

My goal is to create an army with variety of models and still maintain reasonable chain of command:)


Thank you in advance for help

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