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Guns on Auxiliary cruisers, submarines and IJN light cruisers

guns greater than 5.1

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#1 Rick Brown

Rick Brown


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Posted 10 September 2016 - 02:09 AM

In the rules Page 1 - 13 under engineering. It states: Gun batteries larger than 5.1” cannot make attacks until power is restored by repairing one of the Engineering hits. I could certainly see that this would be true for multi gunned turrets. But what about the following examples?


1. Japanese submarines with 5.5" guns

2. Older IJN light cruisers

3. Auxiliary cruiser, German raiders etc.

4. What about German destroyers with 5.9's  


  It would be hard to believe that these would be steam powered. I am looking for information but, figure I would just put this out there, in case some one knows the answer off the top of their heads. 



R. Brown

#2 Mike Bentley

Mike Bentley


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Posted 10 November 2017 - 04:48 PM

The book German Destroyers of WW2 by Koop and Schmolke says on page 35 that the 150mm mount had manual train and elevation, and they give the weight (450kg) of its "electric drive", from which I infer that it had electric motors for train and/or elevation in normal ops.


Regarding the rule:  I would guess that it takes into consideration:  (1) Fixed vs. two piece rounds, (2) weight of shell and powder, (3) powered vs. manual ramming, (4) powered vs. manual train & elevation.   The gunnery hit rules assume a certain rate of fire, and perhaps the ability to lay the gun using a director.  Without power, (of whatever type), the rate of fire is reduced, and director control is impossible.  So rather than have a separate local-control (manual) hit table, the larger size guns are considered combat ineffective for game purposes if they are not powered.


Regarding your examples, I would say that pedestal mounted submarine guns, which had no power rammer, did not need power to be effective per the rules.  Also, perhaps any pedestal gun.  Any other gun, esp. those with a gun house or turret, are subject to the rule.


From Wikipedia articles on USN guns--

5in/38:  Shell weight is 55lbs. and powder is in a metal "cartridge"  (semi-fixed)

6in/53:  Shell weight is 105lbs. and powder is in a silk bag weighing 44 pounds.   (bagged)

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