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Java Sea 1/3000


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#1 psullie



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Posted 17 February 2017 - 05:32 AM

Hi all


With the anniversary on the near horizon I've decided to recondition my 1/3000 for Java Sea, I've put pics on my blog. I just need the time (and space) to play soon  <_<







#2 W. Clark

W. Clark


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Posted 18 February 2017 - 05:23 AM

I love Java Sea. I've played it using GQ I, GQ II and GQ III. I've played it in 1:2400, 1:1250 and 1:6000 scales. I've played variants like what if the remainder of WESGROUP had been present or adding the Kongos, Tiger and the Dutch BCs. I'm now looking at a what if Java Sea III. The USN reinforced the ANZAC Squadron on 9 March 42 with the heavy cruisers Astoria, Chicago and Louisville as well as the Sims class destroyers; Anderson, Hammann, Hughes and Sims of DesRon 2.


My thought is that Rear Admiral Takagi (victor of Java Sea) failed to realize in the darkness and confusion the total extent of his victory and aborted the invasion convoy he was escorting. The western invasion went off as planned but without the eastern invasion to provide a threat from the rear. As a consequence the landing near Batavia is pushing ahead but the Dutch resistance has not ended as it did historically. The Japanese decide again to invade near Surabaya in an attempt to end Dutch resistance once and for all.


Meanwhile the Aussies still want to preserve Java as an out work for the defense of Australia if it can be done by sea power alone. To that end Rear Admiral Crace and Commodore Collins (both RAN) decide to risk the reinforced ANZAC Squadron in an attempt to thwart a second Japanese invasion of Java.


The ANZAC Squadron consists of it surviving members and a newly joined destroyer division, coupled with the American reinforcements:


HMAS Australia CA flag

HMAS Canberra CA


HMNZS Achilles CL

HMNZS Leander CL


HMAS Napier DD

HMAS Nestor DD


HMAS Vampire DD


Crace forms the heavy cruisers into a division; the light cruisers into a division under Collins and has 2 divisions of destroyers (4 ships each).


Vice Admiral Takahashi joins Takagi and the Japanese have the following ships:


IJNS Ashigara CA flag



5th Cruiser Squadron-Rear Admiral Takagi

IJNS Haguro CA flag




2nd Destroyer Flotilla-Rear Admiral Tanaka

IJNS Jintsu CL flag

16th Destroyer Division

IJNS Amatsukaze DD

IJNS Hatsukaze DD

IJNS Tokitsukaze DD

IJNS Yukikaze DD


4th Destroyer Flotilla-Rear Admiral Nishimura

IJNS Naka CL flag

2nd Destroyer Division

IJNS Harusame DD

IJNS Murasame DD

IJNS Samidare DD

IJNS Yudachi DD

9th Destroyer Division

IJNS Asagumo DD

IJNS Minegumo DD

24th Destroyer Division

IJNS Kamakaze DD

IJNS Yamakaze DD


The Allies want a daylight fight as the Americans have no flash-less powder. But you have all kind of options including air attacks on the ANZAC Squadron to weaken it prior to battle. It never happened because of the quick collapse of Dutch resistance on Java and the fact the Asiatic Fleet was all the US was willing to spend on defending the Malay Barrier. But, the ANZAC Squadron was under Australian command and the Australians would have dearly loved to see Java stay contested for as long as possible ((as long as it did not lead to the commitment of Australian ground troops). It could have happened; if Takagi had taken counsel of his fears and the Aussies been willing to risk ticking off the USN by diverting the defense of Northern Australia to a sortie into Java Sea. In the historical event, Takagi was just as determined to invade as Doorman was to stop him and the resulting quick end to Dutch resistance on Java put paid to any desire the Australians had to preserve the Malay Barrier.

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