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Crossing the T

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Posted 14 February 2019 - 01:49 PM

WW 1 Optional Rule 7.6.5 Allows the increase of the armor penetration of gunnery attacks against ships whose "T" has been crossed by one hull armor classification.


Does this mean the the HochSeeFlotte 8.2" guns of say the AC Blucher, when fired between 12000 yards and 15000 yards, (Normally a "CA" penetration), would be able to penetrate the "BD" armor of a British Battle Crusier?


IF such a shot does penetrate, do you use an equivalent Damage roll of x1/2 or x1?


Also do you use the WW 1 Damage Table of BA-BD or B*-CA to determine the damage?


Last question, even if the T is crossed, does the penetration level go up one against the Turret Armor if the ship has a separate value for said turret?



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