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Aircraft Carrier VPs

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#1 calumbrookes



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Posted 01 April 2019 - 06:39 PM

Quick question - 

On a ship log, the aircraft carrier is listed for X many VPs, and aircraft flights all cost 1 VP. Are the flights considered included in the cost?

Therefore - if two players were building lists to play each other, and one was taking, say HMS Biter (6 VPs) which has an aircraft complement of 2F + 3TB, should that cost the player 6 VPs or 11 VPs to include in their list?

#2 Dave Franklin

Dave Franklin


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Posted 02 April 2019 - 07:30 AM

It has been a long time since I played in a game/campaign where we used the VPs to generate forces (like pre=GQ3 long time).  You might note there is a "Scenario Generation Sequence" (SGS) that is described in section 1.19.3, and charts for same in the back of the book.


As far as your question goes, Lonnie sent me info on VP calculations, as I was generating some ship logs to post for Defending the Malay Barrier, The ABDA Campaign for the Dutch hybrid carriers described in Far Aft and Faintly (which I realize I never did post, need to get on that...).  The VP equation for a carrier does include the number of aircraft it carries in the calculation.  So I don't think you need to do it again.


You do count VP losses for the aircraft separately however (for flights shot down - see 1.18.1 Victory Points).



#3 Lonnie Gill

Lonnie Gill


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Posted 03 April 2019 - 01:57 PM

G' Day Calumbrookes,


Yes, the number of aircraft is a part of the determination of aircraft carrier VPs.  The VP formulas for aircraft carriers and other units are available in the Bonus Files in the download section of the ODGW website.  They are listed in the "GQ III Victory Point Scale" sheet in the "GQ Design Files - R2" file,  The basic carrier formula for WWII and the Interwar period is VPs = standard displacement/2000 tons + .33 x # of flights (3 actual aircraft each).  Because carrier complements tend to vary over time, the individual carrier VP values used in the GQ 3.3 Ship Logs are listed on a separate sheet in the file by class.    The aircraft capacity used is the potential maximum capacity, not the actual capacity aboard on any given day. 


If you wish to use a different aircraft complement, simply adjust the number of flights by .33 as needed. 


The VPs earned for a flight shot down is separately calculated as 1 VP per flight per Section 1.18.1 as this includes the aircrews as well as the aircraft themselves.


Hopefully, this will enable you to finish building your Order of Battle lists.





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