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Need some help understanding air phasing

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Tom Valeri


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Posted 08 February 2020 - 01:54 PM

I can't quite seem to get a handle on the air combat rules. I set up, what I thought, was a simple scenario of a US task force of 1 BB, with 3 CA's, a CL and 3 DD's as a screen being attacked by 4 flights of Vals and 4 flights of Kates. I had no CAP so I would only focus on air attacks and AAA. I'll start with describing the setup.


1. BB in the center with the other 7 ships in a circle around all approximately 2500 yards from the BB.

2. The Vals were broken up into 2 groups each of 2 flights one at level 6 (group 1)and one at level 5 (group 2) but all flying fairly close together coming in towards the starboard bow of the formation.

3. The Kates were also broken up into 2 groups of 2 flights (groups 3 & 4), both OTD, one approaching from starboard and one from port.


So I understand that in terms of moving it would be group 1, then group 2, then groups 3 and 4 would be chosen by a dice roll as to which went first. As the flights moved in, but still not attacking, all the flights move, then the ships move 1/3rd and I think I get that. Any ships in range must fire AAA with a minimum of 50% at the closest flight (for each side of the ship). 


The question is what happens if all these planes come into attack on the same turn. It seems that Group 1 would move first, as it's attacking that turn any AAA against it happens prior to its bomb dropping. So far so good...I think, but the question is do the ships fire with their full AAA rating at this attack or do they choose some lower firepower to withhold for the next group? After the AAA that group rolls for hits etc. Now, I guess, Group 2 goes and follows the same process and again AAA can fire but the same question arises, did the ships need to withhold AAA for this next attack or do they let fly with their full rating? And so and for Groups 3 & 4. So the basic question is would the ships fire their full AAA rating at each group as they come in or do they only fire at the first group full and nothing at the subsequent or do they split their fire to put a portion, as desired, to each of the groups?



Thanks for any help!



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