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USS Midway Log creation

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#1 RazgrizBSG27



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Posted 05 September 2020 - 11:58 PM

I am attempting to make a ship log for USS Midway in her 1945/46 configuration. So far I've got:

45,000 tons - 9 hull boxes


Top speed 33 knots - 3300 yards

Speed per hull box breakdown:

33 I 30 I 26 I 23 I 20 I 17 I 13 I 10 I 5


28 20mm oerlikons VT fuse 20mm =

.20 × 28 = 5.6 close range

84 40mm bofors .63 close/.13 long

.63 × 84 = 52.92 close range

.13×84 = 10.92 long range

18 5"/54 mk16 guns in turrets .60 close/1.20 long

18×.6= 10.8 close

18×1.2= 21.6 long


Midway close AA 58.52 / Long AA 32.52

(I'm not 100% sure I've calculated AA values correctly, they seem a bit high)


9x 5" guns in single turrets per side


The parts I'm not sure about are things like:


Flt deck | hangar | hangar | Flt Deck


and special damage stuff like: Bulkhead or DCT

I don't really know what UE means

How do I determine what and what numbers of Aircraft are listed in the lower right corner?

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#2 Cpt M

Cpt M


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Posted 06 September 2020 - 08:45 PM

You're very close to the official log that was created for the Deluxe Logs (see attached).  Your hull points, speed, and speed breakdown are spot on.  The only add-ons/corrections are the following:


Armor Deck-  Midways were the first USN carrier with an armored flight deck (the bold line around the hangar boxes).  The effect this has is detailed in section 1.6.5 Carrier Armor and 2.15.7 Carrier Damage. 


Secondary Guns- The formula for determining secondary 'boxes' is 1 box per 2 guns.  The Midways carry 9 single 5" mounts on each side for a total of 5 boxes per side (4.5 rounded up to 5).  Also, the 5" guns on the CRT are the very common 5"/38 used throughout the war.  The 5" guns on the Midway (and Montana) were the just introduced 5"/54.  These has a much improved surface range over the 5"/38 (but since that applies only for surface actions, it will definitely not be of much use to a carrier!).


RFC Value-  Midway carried the latest radar fire control for its 5" battery.  The correct value would be +.


AA Values-  Good try, but, yeah, you got those wrong.  And you're not the first (not by a long shot!); those are tough to get right even when you've done them many, many times!  The correct values are 14 long range and 38 close range. 


UE-  Unit Engineering.  This has to do with the way the engineering plant is laid out and impacts the way damage is taken.  This is detailed in section 1.7.6 Unit Engineering.   


Aircraft Deployed-  This is determined at 1 flight/unit per 3 actual planes.  For the Midway, this would be 25 Fighter Units and 30 Torpedo Bomber/Dive Bomber Units.  By this time, the difference between dive bombers and torpedo bombers had been erased as the Helldiver performed both functions.  It should also be noted that air group numbers varied widely.  For example, for the invasion of Japan, all of the carriers shifted to air groups entirely made up of fighters (F6Fs and F4Us) with very few TBs or DBs.           

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#3 RazgrizBSG27



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Posted 07 September 2020 - 08:58 AM

Thanks so much! So, what was your process for properly calculating AA? I want to be able to get that right in future, cause I'm doing a few more ships like Shinano and the CVA-58 Proposal lol


Further if I may ask, I see the empty Aircraft/flight logs, but I don't really understand how to build custom Aircraft logs at all, for example I was looking to do the Interstate TDR-1 Torpedo Drones and other strange aircraft.

#4 Dave Franklin

Dave Franklin


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Posted 10 September 2020 - 12:29 PM

For AA, I don't know where it explicitly says it (I did a quick scan through the rules and bonus/design files and didn't find it, and I guess I hope I'm correct - I'm pretty sure I am), but the main issue I suspect you had was the AA values on a Ship Log are for the port/starboard sides of the ship, so when you add up all of the values for all of the guns, you then essentially divide by 2.


As far as the Aircraft/flight logs go, I don't typically use them as I don't typically play the Tactical Air rules other than spotter planes, but essentially it's just a matter of finding data sources and doing some math.



#5 RazgrizBSG27



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Posted 20 September 2020 - 11:08 AM

Ohhhh, that makes a lot mors sense, thanks!

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