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Our Seventh DTMB Campaign

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Posted 26 May 2021 - 03:00 PM

We have started another DTMB Campaign. Our seventh to be exact. As usual we are going with the standard start option. Game turn 0 was not played. Force Z is sunk and the First Malayan Convoy was a success. There are no capital ships and the Singapore index is at 1.




The Japanese bombed Singapore, but nothing was repairing there anyway. The WAF sortied convoys against Kota Bharu-Singora (2nd Malayan Convoy) and Miri (Brunei) which both succeeded. The RAF bombed the Miri convoy and hit! The Fubuki class destroyer Hatsuyuki took three hull hits and will be out at least 3 GT. The EAF sortied convoys against Davao and Jolo and took them. 


The Allies transferred Vampire to Darwin and the US ships at Tarakan to Surabaya.




The Japanese received an extra CD for the EAF (TE). The WAF sortied convoys against Kota Bharu-Singora (3rd Malayn Convoy) and Kuching (Borneo) both of which succeeded. The WAF also transferred the 1st Division of CS7: RAdm Kurita (2 Mogami class CAs) and DesDiv 8 (4 Asashio class DDs) to the EAF. The Kuching Convoy was attacked by Dutch submarines but neither suffered or inflicted any loss. The EAF sortied a CG in the Eastern Axis and convoys to Ambon and Kendari. Kendari got through but the Ambon invasion was aborted. The EAF also sortied a convoy to Balikpapan which succeeded.


The Brits took Mauritius as a CD reinforcement at Singapore. The Dutch transferred all their ships from Batavia to Surabaya to combine with the Americans. The Americans transferred DesRon 29 with DesDivs 57 & 58 to Darwin. A total of 9 Clemson class DDs. The ANZACs sortied against the Eastern Axis with 6 cruisers and Vampire. They were attacked first by RAdm Kakuta's CG and then by the 30 flights of medium bombers (12 Nells & 18 Bettys) of the 11th Air Fleet without any damage being inflicted. But the amazing ANZAC AA shot down 1 Nell and 2 Bettys and damaged some more.


The ANZACs then caught RAdm Nishimura's Ambon Convoy at anchor. RAdm Nishimura's escort fled without loss, but all 8 AP were lost and the convoy aborted. RAdm Crace (RAN) paid for drinks at the "Anchor and Steam" for all the ratings to show his appreciation as he put it; "for a job well done" and Commodore Collins chipped in.


Now that the ABDA has formed, things are expected to heat up in GT3.

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