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Another DTMB Start Option

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#1 Dave Franklin

Dave Franklin


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Posted 13 June 2021 - 08:22 AM

I was having an email discussion with Mr. Clark and Mr O'Neil, and I was reminded of the fact that HMS Repulse, HMS Tenedos and HMAS Vampire departed Singapore on 5 December 1941, for a "showing the flag" visit to Darwin.  The ships were recalled the next day after a Lockheed Hudson reconnaissance aircraft from No. 1 RAAF Squadron sighted and reported the Japanese invasion fleet in the South China Sea, Repulse and the DDs arriving back in Singapore around noon on 7 December.  Force Z sailed the following day and we all know what happened after that.


IRL Admiral Phillips would never have countenanced one of his two capital ships sailing away, splitting his force prior to going into action, but in DTMB game terms, what would happen if Repulse and her consorts are not recalled?  Well, here's something you can try if you want.  Full disclosure, the modifications for this new start option have not been playtested in any way, it is available if someone wants to give it a try:


2.4.1 Naval Combat Mission Command Decisions

Another exception to 2.4.1 Naval Combat Mission Command Decisions: HMS Repulse and HMS Tenedos can combine with the ANZAC cruiser squadron, and/or one U.S. Destroyer Division if it was transferred to Darwin, prior to the formation of ABDA on Turn 3 (i.e. 15 January 1942).
Turn 0:
Allied Command Decisions (Allies have two CDs this turn, both of which are required)
Add a TrnsfrSG-D (Transfer HMS Repulse, HMS Tenedos and HMAS Vampire from Singapore to Darwin) mission.
Turn 1:
Allied Command Decisions (WESGROUP, EASGROUP and Darwin each nominally get one; assign ships to missions)
Add an SD (Sortie a Sweep from Darwin against the Eastern Attack Force (eastern axis) mission.  This mission is exempt from the normal Sweep requirements in that it does not require a cruiser.
That's all there is to it.  Obviously it involves playing optional Turn 0, so it is combined with the Force Z Sortie option.  Can the IJN sink HMS Prince of Wales on Turn 0 - most probably with their LBA - like they did historically, so they can transfer Kongo and Haruna to the Eastern Attack Force (EAF) on Turn 1 to deal with Repulse?  Can Repulse do what she was originally designed to do and be a cruiser-killer against the EAF?  Only the dice will tell...

#2 W. Clark

W. Clark


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Posted 13 June 2021 - 07:11 PM

I hope RAdm Takagi is not the paranoid type. Otherwise he might very well think it is get Takagi time in the EAF. And he just might be right. Consider; Takagi has his CS5 (3 Myoko class CAs) and part of DesFlot 2 (CL Jintsu & 6 Kagero DDs) on GT1. He also has the CVS Chitose and Mizuho but they help him make or avoid contact; not fight it when it happens.


On GT1 Takagi (as ranking flag officer present) is tasked with preparing the ground for the EAF by securing their new base at Davao and also taking Jolo. Now if everything goes to plan the only opposition is the Marblehead and 5 Clemson class. Not a problem. But wait there are TE (theater events) to consider and if the Allies get TE 8 then they reinforce Tarakan with Boise and 4 more Clemson class. Doesn't put you off your rice. Well if they get TE 9 it will because they also get to add Houston. Still not worried. Well you have 2 objectives to take. You are going to either split CS5 up into its divisions and assign one to each mission or you are going to keep them together and rely on the veteran RAdm Tanaka in Jintsu to avoid contact all together (he has done it before). Besides, maybe all 9 Clemson class will roll 12 on a D12 and break down or maybe Marblehead will. Or maybe the contact die roll will be too high for contact to occur. Yeah, maybe; but the odds are not in your favor.


So you got through GT1 and everything was just fine. Now its GT2 and who is waiting for you? In the blue corner its the bulldog of Darwin, HMS Repulse with 15" guns and BC(BC) armor that you have to get within 9,000 yards of to penetrate. And wait, is that the ANZAC squadron backing it up? Well they don't call the RAN and the RNZN dominion forces for nothing and if you don't find a squall to duck into you are going to find out who has dominion over who.


You won't get any help from CD reinforcements until GT3 in the form of Ashigara and Maya. So, if you are playing on a team then you had better mend your relationship with VAdm Kondo if it needs it. I don't know; take him to dinner or buy him a watch that says it's time to send help to the EAF.


Or better yet appeal to Dave Franklin to allow you the second pair of the Kongo class like you would get if the Dutch got their BCs. Because help you are going to need.

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