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Post Captain for 7YW and AWI

Naval Age of Sail

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#1 Peter Della Vedova

Peter Della Vedova


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Posted 24 April 2023 - 04:47 PM

Some of my wargaming pards want to play naval actions for age of sail, pre-Napoleonic timeframes.  Other than removing the carronades and replacing them with smaller caliber cannon, what modifications would be needed to make the switch to the earlier periods?


#2 Phil Callcott

Phil Callcott


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Posted 25 April 2023 - 04:19 PM



Smaller and slower ships (no coppering of hulls), less manoeuvrable (different hulls, sail plans and rigging, lanteen sails on the mizzen mast, small sails on the bowsprit) .

Smaller crews, more sickness (scurvy) reducing ship handling and gunnery efficiency.

No flintlock ignition of cannon, worse powder reducing accuracy at any distance and reduced rate of fire. Fewer and smaller guns, no carronades.

Strict adherence to fleet manoeuvres in line ahead formation.


A different time.



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