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A small opportunity for actions in the Mediterranean

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Posted 02 May 2024 - 05:43 PM

   As many may know, the Italians did not think of the Condottieri-class as light cruisers, but rather as Esploratori or Scouts.  Supermarina's concept was that these ships could run down and defeat the French contre-torpilleurs of the Chacal and Guepard classes, which were expected to be used to protect convoy's to North Africa and back in case of war between the two countries. I admit to being under impressed with the Condottieri's, but you could have two of them confront two or three Chacal's or Guepard's protecting a convoy and see how they do.  This would be an early 1930's period battle.

   Now if you think this was a fluke of planning in the Supermarina, the Capitani Romani-class of 1939 ship orders was built for the very similar reason, to run down and deal with the La Fantasque and Mogador class contre-torpilleurs, which the French seem to have thought could run down and deal with the Condottieri's. 

   So if you need a small naval battle fix, here you go... At least the Italian Esploratori have well developed director controlled fires.


As an aside, while the Italians do have the much better fire control, I'd grant the French super destroyers Rapid Fire with the following limitations. They may fire one turn of rapid fire, but then must wait three turns before being able to use it again. They may only use it three times total. The French stowed 200 rounds per gun, but were not going to use half or more of their ammo in one engagement.  The French guns are all manually worked and speed loading 88 pound projectiles will exhaust a gun crew quickly. Three minutes of such effort will require gun loaders and ammo handlers substitutions.

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