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Nagging question about time scale

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Posted 28 May 2024 - 03:40 AM



I own GQ3, FAI and Post Captain and have had good fun trying all three. They are very enjoyable rule sets, and while we have not played a lot quite yet, we do quite like what we've seen. They're always a good time.


That said, as a long time naval warfare enthusiast, there has always been a nagging doubt at the back of my mind on a design decision in GQ3 / FAI that my group has also found very odd. I can no longer resist, and I have to ask:


The "scale" section of both rulesets (G2 - VI in the case of FAI which I have in front of me right now) says movement rates are calculated for three minutes, but turns represent six minutes instead to account for the effect of "dead time inherent in any military operation".


Now, I understand the concept and agree that in operational-scale scenarios this might make sense, especially in land warfare, but in tactical-scale naval engagements a ship doing 18 knots will move approximately 1800 yards in 3 minutes and that's that – it's not like the crew will pop out for a quick smoke, or the ship will wait for them while they get their act together. How is the effective halving of the movement rates justified in this case? The rules further state that "hardcore shellbacks" can use three-minute daylight turns instead ("Commissioning", IX) and we tried doing that, but then, what is fire effect calibrated for? Our first impression is that gunfire charts are indeed calibrated for six minutes, because when we played three-minute turns combat was extremely deadly for the time scale.


To sum up, my understanding so far is:

  • Movement rates are calculated for three minutes
  • Effects of gunnery are calculated for six minutes of sustained fire
  • Turns are meant to represent six minutes daytime, three minutes night time. Players are welcome to "call" daylight turns three minutes instead with no rule changes.

Thank you for your time!

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