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Submarine AA Factors

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#1 Dave Franklin

Dave Franklin


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Posted 13 December 2006 - 09:04 AM

Not that I think this is likely to be an issue, but in doing up the SDSs for our little Med campaign, I noticed a few of the submarines have odd AA factors listed. Specifically the British T class and the Italian Adua and Mameli classes have AA ratings of 1/2 (1/4), and the Italian Marcello class has AA ratings of 1 (1/4).So, do these guys really have better Long Range AA ratings than Short Range?

#2 Lonnie Gill

Lonnie Gill


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Posted 01 January 2007 - 03:37 AM

co_diver,I took another look at these submarine AA ratings. Most of these have a 3.9" or 4" gun which has an AA factor of .3 for Long range and a factor of .2 for Close range. Thus, a British T class with a 4" gun and one MG (per broadside) would get .3 (4") + 0 (mg) for .3 Long range which I had rounded to . Close range would be .2 (4") + .05 (mg) for a total of .25. I had rounded the .3 to while leaving the .25 as (1/4) for Close range. This is a rather minimal distinction. It might be better to list the AA as 1/4 (1/4). The Adula and Mameli classes are similar.The Marcello class with two 3.9" and two mgs would get 2 x .3 = .6 Long range and 2 x .2 + 2 x .05 = .5 Close range. The .6 was rounded to "1" while the .5 was incorrectly listed as (1/4). Good catch! It would be more appropriate to list the Marcello AA as ().Note that whether you round up the AA factor or not for these subs has no practical game effect as the lowest column of the ANTI-AIRCRAFT table is used in any case. Only in the case of a skip bomber attacking a Marcello class sub would rounding .6 to 1 make a difference.But, your point is well taken. Rounding up suggests more of a distinction between Long range and Close range than there is. When time allows, I'll update the submarine Ship Log to make this clearer.

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