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TB Minimum Drop Range

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#1 Radoslaw Kabacinski

Radoslaw Kabacinski


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Posted 21 March 2007 - 03:54 AM

Which AA fire shall I include for TB Minimum Drop Range roll?1. If the TB formation was shot at - only the AA fire aimed at the formation?2. If the TB formation was not shot at - whole possible AA Fire (considering LoF from ships within an AA formation) or only 'spare' (not used for shooting at different targets) AA fire?3. How shall treat here VT AA fire?

#2 Lonnie Gill

Lonnie Gill


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Posted 23 March 2007 - 08:07 PM

Determine the column to use on the TORPEDO BOMBER DROP Table by using the AA factor total employed to attack the torpedo bomber formation during the attack Air Phase. If several flights attack together as a formation, use the total AA employed against the formation. When TB flights attack from different directions, use the AA fire directed against the flight/formation attacking from that direction.Use the actual AA fire employed by the target AA formation, not its theoretical strength. LoF and range will limit how many ships will be able to engage OTD flights. If the target formation uses its AA elsewhere and does not make an AA attack against the attacking TBs, use the 0 - 5 column on the TORPEDO BOMBER DROP table.Since this table reflects the impact of AA barrages on the determination of the attacking pilots to close for launch, treat VT fuse fire the same as regular AA fire. While VT fire was more accurate, pilots were affected primarily by the volume of AA fire.LONNIE

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