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Dive Bombers and Game Sequence

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#1 Raymond Runge

Raymond Runge


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Posted 20 November 2007 - 12:55 PM

Ran my first GQ3 games this weekend at a local Con. No wise on my part was doing and aircraft scenario first. Here's my question: Dive bomber flight moves in on ship and performs the dive manuver. The ship has not made it's move at this point, everything seems fine until the next step in the game sequence. " Move ships,....". Do you move the SBD's with the ship or do they miss their target because of the ship movement and if so how do dive bombers ever hit their target.Willkiller

#2 Cpt M

Cpt M


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Posted 22 November 2007 - 05:21 PM

The dive bombers would still be able to hit their target. Keep in mind, even at 30kts, a ship is only going to move a 1000yds during the turn, so the plane will have no trouble keeping the ship in its bombsight. Also, the dive itself is part of the attack procedure, so the actually dive isn't done until the attack is resolved.

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