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Missing Tables in FAI amendment 2?

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#1 Alejandro Gonzalez Ramos

Alejandro Gonzalez Ramos


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Posted 07 July 2011 - 06:06 PM


Problably I`m speaking late, but shouln't FAI ammendment 2 include deticated tables for:

-WWI Campaign Operation Air Ops (You know, there is one for WWII, another for 1930s, and none for WWI)
-Campaign Subamrine Attack Table( in the WWII table, the results are based in nationalities and years, none from WWI)
-WWI Tactical Air Ops (the same reason as above, probably this table is the one that can be best adapted to WWI by the user)
-Campaign and Amphibious operations [Chart 10B, and 10 C], (same reason as the second one)

I also would like that, a new campaign operation chapter adapted for FAI can be added. (probably air and submarine operations in WWI also needs their own chapter), adapt the aerial and submarine campaign rules as writen from WWII to WWI is difficult.

Against these new WWI chapters, amomng others, I can see two problems:
-Most of the material will be duplicated from WWII, OK, but as you say WWI is not just WWII without planes (from FAI welcome aboard), and as a download it will not occupy paper, you can write a book as big as you want that you only increase the amount of megabytes.

-Campaing rules in General Quarters are following the way of Decision at sea Book series, and problaby included chapter 4 (Campaign rules) in GCIII was a mistake. OK, My response is that this campaing rules are more efficent, elegant and play faster than Avalanche press SWWAS and GWAS.

Just my two cents. I hope, that, at least, I convince you to add the tables if not the full text.

What is your opinion? Thank You

#2 Lonnie Gill

Lonnie Gill


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Posted 09 July 2011 - 11:31 AM

G’ Day Alejandro,

You are right, repeating these sections for WW I would result in massive duplication. Few of us would have wanted to have to pay for a repeat of those sections and the attendant inconvenience. Therefore, I took the approach that FLEET ACTION IMMINENT should be additive and augment the GQ III rules continuum, rather than repeat it. This is evidenced in the Part numbering, with the new sections added to the existing GQ III rules sequence. WW I Surface Operations, Part 7, is presented in its entirety as it is the core of naval warfare in the period and best reflects subtle differences from later decades. It contains the rules gamers use for the vast majority of WW I engagements and saves having to refer back to Part 1 of GQ III. Part 8, Airship Operations was added to provide rules for blimps and dirigibles - important in WW I, while almost absent in WW II.

For less-often gamed aeroplane and submarine operations, GQ III already contained comprehensive rules that would redundant to duplicate. So, I provided the individual data and capability specifics for WW I aeroplanes and submarines along with Part 9, which details rule sections reflecting WW II capabilities that don’t apply to the WW I era for those that might not be familiar with the differences. It provides a practical solution without unnecessary duplication.

The campaign rules in GQ III are also comprehensive and wouldn’t be cost effective to repeat. Thanks, BTW, for the kind comments on Part 4. All the required aspects of campaign movement and contact are the same. A number of the other aspects covered were rare or of limited significance in WW I. Modern amphibious warfare, for example, was in its infancy and little used while aeroplane (as opposed to Zeppelin) scouting and air strikes had little significant impact on naval operations due to their immature technologies. Accordingly, there is not a lot of interest in simulating those aspects in a campaign. I would submit that using the Part 4 rules, customizing as needed, is the approach for those hardy gamers that do.

If one of them is interested in coming up with the data specifics to customize some of the campaign tables for the WW I period, I will be happy to work with them to format the data so we can post it on the Forum as a gratis download for all to use. As you can appreciate, it becomes a question of balancing limited resources with things of the most interest to the majority of gamers. We all benefit when someone has the interest and takes the time to develop one of the seldom-used aspects to enhance our system and the hobby for the benefit of all.


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