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Using boardgames as campaign engines and scenario generators

campaign scenario boardgame A Glorious Chance War of 1812 Lake Ontario operational play aid

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Posted 19 November 2016 - 02:05 AM

Post Captain is noteworthy for its thoughtful and creative suggestions for creating your own scenarios and/or weaving them together into campaigns.


This thread is for discussing ways to integrate strategic or operational-scale boardgames with Post Captain. Share your how-to's, ideas, pros and cons, and experiences here. 


The great thing about using a good boardgame is that it creates your tactical scenario setups automatically. Plus, every battle you fight happens in a wider context instead of being a standalone affair.


For example, Napoleonic Wars players can use the monster boardgame 1805: Sea of Glory (GMT Games).  It lets you run the entire naval war worldwide, yet it's detailed enough to represent individual ships. The game has many devoted fans, but even some of them acknowledge 1805's sheer size and scope can make it hard to find the time and space to devote to a complete game.


If anyone is interested in Post Captain for the naval War of 1812, I'd encourage you to check out A Glorious Chance: The Naval Struggle for Lake Ontario, 1813 (Legion Wargames, in development and up for preorder). Since March, when Legion announced this title, the game has rocketed to 180 preorders (about 2/3 of the way to the 250 required for final development, artwork and publication).


I am the designer of A Glorious Chance. I designed it specifically to be a fun, self-contained game in its own right, and also to be useful as a campaign engine and scenario generator for players who prefer miniatures or tactical naval boardgames to resolve the battles.


A few specific features of A Glorious Chance that might be of interest to Post Captain players:


  • It's a solitaire operational game. Worried that you might not be able to find another gamer interested enough in the War of 1812 on the Great Lakes? No problem. I also included some optional 2-player rules, in case some people really want to play it that way.
  • It has two campaigns; a U.S. solo one and a British solo one.
  • The game has 8 turns, covering the June-September 1813 period (the time in the war that both navies had rough parity on Lake Ontario and were both actively seeking a decisive battle on the water). A campaign plays in about 4 hours.
  • The game gives you the option to use its own, more abstracted combat system at any time, so that you don't always have to use your minis or tactical boardgame with it. 
  • Although the scale of the game is operational, you're operating a squadron. So each counter is an individual named ship. The battles are manageable in size and are especially well-suited for Post Captain.





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