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Flares and Battlefield Illumination

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Posted 28 November 2016 - 11:05 PM

I'm currently reading through the Core Rulebook and can't make sense of the Flare rules (p 5.8).


In particular the illumination areas seem too small.


1) For example, a 60mm flare has a 2" diameter. A 15mm Jadgtiger is about 4" long. Does this mean that since the model can't fit totally into the illuminated area it is not possible to fully illuminate it with this flare size?


When the flare effect radii were set up, did they use the model scale end of the telescoping ground scale (my expectation) or the distance end of the scale (seems likely from the effect size)?


Or has this page been revisited in some source material I haven't accessed yet?


2) As a follow-on, when creating a night scenario, what is a reasonable number of illumination rounds (or missions?) to give to artillery assets for, say, a 10-turn game on a 6'x4' table?


I remember reading somewhere a couple years ago that in WWII the US used a ratio of 1 illumination to 3 smoke as a default load-out and would stock more for specific operations, but I don't have the source handy at this point (it might have been from a record of the US paratrooper load-out for D-Day, for their 60mm and 81mm mortars).



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Bob Benge

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Posted 25 March 2017 - 07:41 PM



My apologies for the delay in response to your question and a good question it is.


My first question is what scale miniatures are you using? If you are using 10mm or 15mm minis than I would double the diameters. The rules were originally developed using 6mm minis.


Yes, it was developed using the standard scale not the telescoping scale, which may suggest we should revisit this.


AS to the number of flare rounds, well, I would use what you think would be a appropriate for you scenario. I have not tackled a night scenario myself.


Hope this helps some! :)

~ Bob Benge ~
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