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Infantry & morale questions

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#1 Trotsky


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Posted 01 January 2006 - 06:55 AM

Happy new year to you all.After several recent games the following questions have come up, most just need clarification. Thanks in advanceInfantry Drop - first off I am very impressed with how these rules work out when gaming, simple, and effective and encourage historical tactics. I play with 6mm and they play excellently.Question 1: Close combat against structures. The rules state you attack with a stand's 'melee power', what is this I can't find reference to it anywhere? Also can you clarify how the defenders respond - I am reading it at they respond when they are next activated but I am not sure if they attack back with their 'melee power' of their FP.Question 2: Close assaulting open vehicles. Open vehicles are mentioned in sections, 'Assaulting infantry within structures or open vehicles' and also there is a modifier for it in the 'assaulting vehicles' section. Which one is the correct method?Just have to add here I love the covering fire rule - really creates a great feel to infantry actions.Command drop-in - CO actions, Rally command action - this rule refers to 'stands' regaining morale - however I usually mark morale only for units - I am very confused by this rule?Finally just a general question about how you guys handle the chain of command, bear with me I am new to all this. In the recent game that I posted in the photo album we used a mixed force of armour and infantry from a variety of TO&E's. Do you guys identify an overall HQ for all units on the board? If not how do you handle command distances? I am planning on creating another three terrain boards to really get the most out of the command system.I better go my wife has just said how sad I am typing this on New Years Day! Better go and do the whole family thing.

#2 Jonathan Coulter

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Posted 01 January 2006 - 04:44 PM

1 - Melee Power is the stands HTH value. That is a old term that somehow made it into the rules.2 - I'll need to check this out.As for your command question, rally is by the unit, not stand. The original OLD rules affected individual stands with morale. But that got VERY difficult to track when playing with a lot of infantry, so we rewrite the rules to affect the unit. There are a couple of places where the old "stand" reference slipped through.

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