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Cold War gone HOT

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#1 Kenny Noe

Kenny Noe

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Posted 09 April 2018 - 06:23 PM

Mein Panzer After Action Report
Date 4/6/2018

Mein Panzer published by Old Dominion GameWorks LLC (www.odgw.com).  This is a 20th – 21st century tank skirmish game that includes elements for a full combined arms combat experience.  This game is designed to allow one vehicle to represent one vehicle and a stand of infantry represents a squad of infantry or a team with support weapons.  The game has vehicle data published representing WWI thru the Korean War.  Additional vehicle data for more modern scenarios is currently under development.
The scenario represented here is detailed below but the intention was to playtest modern vehicle data.  This scenario will be ran at several conventions this year and is designed for six players (three on each side).

Title: Cold War gone HOT!
GM: Kenny Noe
Length: 4 hrs, 6 players
Sponsor: Old Dominion GameWorks
Scale: Modern 12mm
Rules: Mein Panzer Core Rules
The Red Bear Strikes!!  It is a time of Aquarius, when the US has 1) won the Space Race, 2) embarrassed the USSR and 3) is an unpopular war in Southeast Asia.  Brezhnev has had enough of US / NATO aggression and fears another more widespread "Prague Spring" in the Warsaw Pact countries.  USSR invades the west to re-unite the East and West Germany.
Come play Mein Panzer with a modern twist.
Rules Taught, beginners Welcome.
Scenario unique options
Warsaw Pact (WarPAC) forces have 2 pre-plotted spots for artillery missions.  These points are available without an FO observing.
Additionally each side has the opportunity to get a close air support (CAS).  This is a scenario designed option to give them a chance to play with the rules governing aircraft.  NATO has a flight of 2x AH-1 Huey Cobras each armed with 2x rocket pods, 2 pods of TOW ATGMs and the chin gun for strafing.  The WarPAC has a flight of 2 MIG-21 Fishbeds each armed with 4x 500lb free fall bombs and cannon for strafing.

This past weekend myself and a friend ran the scenario to better understand the balance and playability of the vehicles.  The two of us ran all six player vehicles.  This caused us to only get thru three turns, however there was a lot of discussing and slow play between the two of us.


PLAYER #1 USA                                            PLAYER #2 NATO                                                   PLAYER #3 French

UNIT                                        QTY     TQ     UNIT                                         QTY   TQ                 UNIT                                QTY    TQ
1 Tank Platoon (2)                      6         R      Tank Platoon (1)                          5       R                  Tank Platoon (1)                 5        R
      3x M-48A3                                                  5x FV4201 Chieftain Mk 5                                        5x AMX-30B
      3x M-48A3

2 Tank Platoon (1)                      4         R      Tank Platoon (1)                          3       R                  Tank Platoon  (1)                 4       R
      4x M-60A1                                                  3x Stridsvagn 103                                                     4x AMX-30B

3 Tank Platoon (1)                      3         R      Tank Platoon (1)                          3        V                  Artillery Section (1)             4       R
     3x M-60A2                                                   3x Leopard 1A1                                                         1x M151A1Jeep FO
                                                                                                                                                            3x M109 SP Howitzers
4  Infantry Platoon (1)                 4      R         Artillery Section (1)                      4        R                   
     1x M113A1 Coy                                            1x M151A1Jeep FO                                              Infantry Platoon (1)              4        R
        1x AR Squad                                             3x M109 SP Howitzers                                            1x M113A1 Coy
        1x FIM-43 Red Eye SAM                                                                                                              1x AR Squad
     3x M113A1                                                                                                                                       1x FIM-43 Red Eye SAM
        3x AR Squad                                                                                                                              3x M113A1
        2x MGM-32A ATGM Crew                                                                                                            3x AR Squad
                                                                                                                                                              2x MGM-32A ATGM Crew

Warsaw PAC

PLAYER #1 Poland                                             PLAYER #2 Czechoslovakia                                          PLAYER #3 USSR
UNIT                                             QTY   TQ          UNIT                                             QTY     TQ         UNIT                             QTY    TQ
1  Tank Company(1)                     10      R            Tank Company(1)                          10        R           Tank Company (1)        10      R
      1x T-55A Coy                                                     1x T-62A Coy                                                            1x T-62A Coy
      3x T-55A Plt                                                       3x T-62A Plt                                                              3x T-62A Plt
     1x ZSU-23-4                                                       1x ZSU-23-4
2 Reconnaissance Plt                   4      R           Reconnaissance Plt                          4        R            Reconnaissance Plt       4        R 
     2x BRDM-2                                                      2x BRDM-2                                                                2x BRDM-2
     2x 9P133 BRDM-2                                           2x 9P133 BRDM-2                                                    2x 9P133 BRDM-2

3 Artillery Battery [off board] (1)    7     R         Mechanized Infantry Company(1)      10     R             Tank Company                9        V
     1x BMP-1 FO                                                   1x BMP-1 Coy                                                           1x T-72 Coy
     6x D-30 122mm Howitzers                              1x SA-7 1x RPG-7                                                     3x T-72 Plt
                                                                             3x BMP-1 Plt (3)                                                         2x T-72 Plt  
                                                                             1x AR Squad (1)
                                                                             1x SA-7 or 1x RPG-7
WarPAC forces and battlefield point of view
NATO forces (minus 2x AH-1 Cobra) and battlefield point of viewpoint of view
Game Turn 1
NATO wins initiative and activates first.

Typical of a first turn there was lots of moving.  There was an extreme long range missile shot at a M113A1 taken.  One was a 9P133 BRDM-2 AT-3 Sagger shot at an M113A1(miss).  Then the AMX30B returns the favor targeting a BRDM-2 staying high on the railroad a little too long. (miss).
med_gallery_3209_52_2363013.jpg    med_gallery_3209_52_430966.jpg


Both sides started their advance from the table edge.  Using Road movement WarPAC Recc BRDM-2 units were able to outpace the main force.  WarPAC T-55s take the far side while T-62 funnel thru a German village and T-72’s move thru a farm.   NATO forces have to wind their way thru City streets in order to get to firing positions.

The end of turn CAS was unavailable to both sides due to poor die rolls causing the flights to be driven off by CAP aircraft.




med_gallery_3209_52_2079833.jpg   med_gallery_3209_52_1458019.jpg

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#2 Kenny Noe

Kenny Noe

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Posted 09 April 2018 - 06:24 PM

Game Turn 2

WarPAC wins initiative and activates first.


Both sides are advancing and moving to a position to get first fires on the enemy.  All three players Recc platoons move up to scout ahead.  There were four AT-3 Sagger shots taken at several NATO targets.  All missed.  NATO fired back killing a 9P133 BRDM-2.  NATO scores first kill.








NATO dismounts infantry, MGM-23 ATGM Teams and RedEye SAM teams from their M113s to ready them for moving forward.  9P133 take 3x more AT-3 Saggers shots at a platoon of AMX-30B (all miss).  WarPac Artillery strikes at one of the preplotted points.  This was a road junction that just happened to have Tanks, APCs, and dismounted infantry all around.  The artillery strike suppressed a RedEye Team and killed half of an infantry squad.








End of turn CAS was still unavailable to NATO.


However the WarPAC flight of MIG-21 Fishbeds made a not so welcomed appearance for NATO.  NATO RedEye Teams still dismounting from their M113A1s and were unprepared to engage air targets.  Thus leaving the MIGs with an unimpeded bombing strike.  The MIGS however mis-identified their intended target of enemy artillery and instead choose a target of opportunity - two platoons of M-48A3s out in the open.  The strike was very successful for the WarPAC forces killing two M-48 tanks with 500lbs of iron bombs.



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#3 Kenny Noe

Kenny Noe

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Posted 09 April 2018 - 06:24 PM

Game Turn 3

WarPAC wins initiative and activates first.


Now things get interesting.  NATO has moved thru the city and has some line of sight to the oncoming WarPAC forces.  WarPAC has moved forward toward the city at best speed.


Swedish S-tanks are among the first to line up for a target rich environment


9P133 BRDM-2 launches AT-3 Sagger ATGMs at 2 AMX-30 and one M-48A3, all miss! 


WarPAC artillery launches again at the pre-plotted cross roads.  This time the artillery was not on target but was still able to immobilize/suppress an M-113, suppress an infantry stand, and kill a Chieftain!!  The NATO infantry platoon is mostly pinned in the barrage area. 



med_gallery_3209_52_784723.jpg  med_gallery_3209_52_329654.jpg




The Polish reconnaissance platoon had made the deepest penetration into NATO territory.  They lost one 9P133 BRDM-2 however the 2x standard BRDM-2 charged forward and attacked 2 M-113 at extreme close range.   The attack worked and the two M-113 were destroyed.  However the BRDM-2 were left vulnerable to counter attack next turn.




NATO drops its own artillery (one section) on the advancing BMP-1 company pinning them under a barrage.  The strike successfully kills one BMP-1 while the infantry squad inside failed to make its bailout and dies in the destruction of the BMP-1




By this time WarPAC forces have move to the outskirts of the city.




The American M-60s finally get into the mix with the A2 “Starships” launching 2 Shillelagh ATGMs at advancing T-62s.  One hit destroying the T-62 and missing the other. 




Additional action was noted:

Swedish S-tanks attack again and along with a couple AMX-30B tanks firing on three BMP-1 and one BRDM-2.  NATO misses all four attacks.  The T-55 company moves up the flank only to trigger overwatch fire from a platoon of AMX-30B killing 2x T-55s.  The T-55s returned fire on 2 AMX-30B tanks.  One shot missed and the other bounced off the NATO tank.  Lastly NATO Leopard 1A1 move into firing position and shoots one T-55 killing it.  The S-tanks fire the last shots missing their targets (BMP-1)


The game was called after this.  We agreed that at this point the game was a draw.


More pics




med_gallery_3209_52_860790.jpg  med_gallery_3209_52_376222.jpg

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#4 Mark 1

Mark 1


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Posted 11 April 2018 - 06:01 PM

Hey Kenny - love the AAR!


MP Modern!  Oh be still my heart!


You say you're taking it on the road to some cons.  Care to post a list for your groupies and roadies, so they can follow your tour (and maybe get a band T-shirt)?


Quite an eclectic bunch of kit. I'm guessing that the selection of stuff on each player's list (not to mention the differences between stuff from one player to the next) was driven by the desire to test out a variety of vehicle stats, combined perhaps with what was available in the "painted and ready" box?


Might be interested to play-test it with more homogeneous forces, but use the multiple-tests at multiple-events process to vary what force was used on each side. ie: US vs. Soviets, then NATO vs Polish, then French vs. Czechs....  or like such. The games might go a bit faster without such a broad variety on the board, and yet you could still work all the various tanks (and other kit) in to the action as you played more re-run games of the scenario.  Anyway, just an idea.


In any case, like the city scape, and love the village and busy terrain to be crossed leading IN TO the cityscape.


Great job.



(aka: Mk 1)

Mark 1

#5 Kenny Noe

Kenny Noe

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Posted 12 April 2018 - 07:07 AM



Thanks for the post!


Heheh....   Yea I'm still trying the get stuff done.  Tu Tran and I have been running MP Modern at all the HMGS East conventions (Cold Wars, Historicon, and Fall-In).  Would love to have you and anyone else stop by the ODGW game room to roll dice!  With all the Team Yankee interest I think Modern is getting more recognition.


As for my force selection, it was more of what was in the box to give to 6 players to run with, however I like your thoughts....  Playtest a variety of vehicles!!  I'm sticking with that one!


I understand your idea of a more homogeneous force deployment, however at this time period (70s) WarPAC had the same kit while NATO was a bit more diversified.   Maybe for smaller 2 or 4 player games....  I'll give it a consideration...


Thanks for the terrain comments.  Hopefully when the weather warms up I can finish painting the City buildings!!  <grin>



#6 healey36



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Posted 12 April 2018 - 10:33 AM

S-tanks...how cool is that? I recall reading an article in the old S&T a bzillion years ago about the S-tank with its variable suspension and possible application to the US MBT-70 (never built).


Thanks for the AAR Ken...looking forward to seeing more. Maybe catch a glimpse at Historicon this summer if you guys are going to run one...





#7 Kenny Noe

Kenny Noe

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Posted 12 April 2018 - 04:04 PM

We'll be in the ODGW Game room (Host New Holland room).  Drop by to say Hi!

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